Ola Storms Into London Ola Cabs Announces its Entry Into the United Kingdom


The Bangalore-based ride-sharing outfit took to Twitter on Monday to announce its long awaited expansion into the United Kingdom. CEO and co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal proudly revealed that the company’s services will be available in the city of London beginning 10th February 2020.

In his message, Mr. Aggarwal expressed his pride towards the international expansion of a “homegrown brand”. The company already has 25,000 drivers registered within London, with three categories ranging from Comfort, Comfort XL, and Exec classes. 

Ola, in London has partnered with DriveTech, which the company says will help monitor “driver risk assessment”, as well as ensure a high standard of driving skills and knowledge is possessed by all its drivers.

Founder of investment firm, Matrix Partners India, Avnish Bajaj, was quick to show his support for the project. Matrix Partners India, being a large shareholder of Ola Cabs, will be eagerly looking forward to the success of the new venture

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