Qure.ai Raises $16M Investment


Founded in 2016 by CEO Prashant Warier and Dr. Pooja Rao, Med-tech startup, Qure.ai was created with the mission of making quality healthcare affordable and accessible, globally, by harnessing the benefits of artificial intelligence. 

The company announced on Wednesday that it has taken a significant step in the process of achieving its goal.  A total of $16M was raised in a funding round led by Sequoia India and MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia.

Qure.ai announced that the funds raised will be utilized “to drive geographical expansion, expand product portfolio and support regulatory clearances.” The company already has a presence in 200 locations across over 20 countries.

Qure.ai’s solutions boast being the only way to detect every critical brain abnormality through a CT scan, as well as automatically interpreting chest X-ray scans.

The company is one of many entities pushing artificial technology into the realm of medical sciences.

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