Zoho Prioritizes Employee Safety


Amidst the worldwide concern and fear surrounding the coronavirus, Zoho has set an admirable precedent in the corporate landscape. The Chennai-based software giant has proven its commitment to prioritizing the safety of employees and shareholders with various implementations to minimize their exposure to the now global virus.

CEO, Sridhar Vembu took to twitter on Thursday to announce that the company will be immediately  adopting a work from home policy for all its employees, which will remain in place till “the virus threat passes”. 

Zoholics 2020, the company’s largest annual customer event, set to be held in Austin Texas, has also been cancelled. This, along with numerous Zoho events have been put off for the March. The company reiterated that the safety of employees, their families and business associates remains their top priority. Zoho ensures that customer support will be uninhibited with support teams on call to address queries and grievances

Zoho’s initiative has been well-received, with spectators praising the humanitarian leadership of the company’s top brass. 

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