Tradition and trends: How ICA Gallery in Jaipur has promoted heritage and modern art for three generations


Jaipur is a major creative hub, and Part I of our photo essay on this art gallery features a wide range of paintings, antiques and sculptures.

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Located at Shankar Nagar in Jaipur, the three-storey ICA Gallery hosts over five thousand works of traditional and contemporary art. Featuring more than 300 artists, the collection spans paintings, graphic art, miniatures, antiques, and sculptures.

The owner-director, Abhinav Bansal is a third-generation art collector and curator. The gallery was founded by his grandfather Radhamohan Bansal in the 1950s and managed by his father Vijendra Bansal as well. The gallery has also published a book on miniature paintings, titled Akhanda Eka Rasa: The Undivided Royal Essence.

Featured artists at ICA include Subrata Sen, GK Shravan Kumar, Kishore Ray, Radhika, K Prakash, Indu Kumar Tripathi, DVS Krishna, Kaushik Awtans, Pravin Utge, Shaheen Verma, Rakhi Kumar, Shishir Bhatt, and Hari Sadhan Dey. Some of them are showcased in this photo essay.

Jaipur is a major creative hub, and there is enough art for the city to host a hundred galleries, according to director-curator Abhinav Bansal, who joins us for an interview in Part II of this photo essay.

Now, what have you done today to explore the art boom in India and find a place for it in your life?

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