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Home Trends Zomato Aims At Delivering Alcohol After Groceries, Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Zomato Aims At Delivering Alcohol After Groceries, Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Online food delivery company Zomato is also willing to provide home delivery of liquor in the country. Zomato has written a letter to the International Spirits and Wine Association of India (ISWAI) for this. In this letter, Zomato has offered to get permitted for the online delivery of alcohol. the company is willing to capitalize on this opportunity, due to the increased demand for alcohol during the nationwide lockdown enforced because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Zomato’s online food delivery business has suffered a lot due to the lockdown. For this reason, the company has also started online delivery of groceries, and now it wants to do online delivery of liquor and for this, it has written a letter to ISWAI proposing the online delivery of liquor for better convenience.

chaos and violation of social distancing due to opening of liquor shops:

To prevent coronavirus infection in India, a nationwide lockdown has been imposed. During this time liquor shops were also closed in the country, but after the relaxation given by the central government in the third phase of the lockdown, the states have ordered to open liquor shops. The opening of liquor shops resulted in a large crowd of customers and a lot of chaos, which has also violated the physical distance law in many places.

Alcohol is an important source of revenue for the government:

The Excise Department is a major source of revenue for the government. The intention of raising revenue is also believed to be the reason behind the permission of the government to open liquor shops. Because of the huge demand and crowd outside the shops, the Delhi government has also imposed a special 70 percent corona fee on liquor. 

India currently does not have rules for online delivery:

There is currently no legal provision for the online delivery of alcohol in India. According to a Reuters report, the International Spirits and Wine Association of India is now lobbying Zomato and others to allow the online delivery of the wine. Online delivery companies are also making continuous efforts for this approval. Zomato’s CEO Mohit Gupta wrote in a business proposal to ISWAI, “We believe that a technology-driven home delivery based solution can increase alcohol consumption.” he also wrote that Zomato would target areas that are least affected by the coronavirus.

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