AYUSH TOMAR – A MULTI-TALENTED ENTREPRENEUR, bagging the title of the youngest CEO of a record label!

Success is a hard earned result that comes after a constant series of determination and dedication towards the goals. Hard work along with smart work is the need of the hour to become a successful being. In the present time people with exceptional talent and capabilities gain progress and achievements in life much earlier than others. Ayush Tomar is one such personality who inhabited all these characteristics and become a motivation for millions of youngsters.


Ayush Tomar aka Aayustaar
is a 19 year old Kanpur boy who is an entrepreneur by profession and musician by passion. Currently he is the CEO of a record label. He is a KDMA World School alumnae and also a dropout of Asian Academy of Films and Television. Due to his passion in music industry he is planning to establish a first international standard music studio and music marketing company in Kanpur to let youngsters like him fulfil music career dreams.


Ayush is also a prominent name in the stock market and he is considered as the youngest stock trader of Kanpur due to his immense contribution to this sector. Till now he had generated 6 figures revenue in sock trading and running companies. As MR. Tomar is a genius person and determined personality, he always keep himself engage and working towards his endeavours. He is currently working to set his parent company in order to bring staardust entertainment, staardust media and staardust records together. He is also engaged in manufacturing his company’s office that accommodates world’s top most music instruments.


Ayush by gaining this much of success has proved the world that nothing is impossible in this world and one can achieve anything in life if he is determined to achieve it. Ayush with his creative and innovative mind has become a true inspiration for many youngsters.

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