The Real Death of democracy in 2020! Kangana Ranaut & Other Gang Members Should Know & Learn

The Real Death of democracy! Kangana Ranaut & Other Gang Members Should Know & Learn


After the Sushant Singh Rajput‘s murder mystery case came into the highlight, many celebrities and media people jumped in its support. Many people demanded justice for Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case that lead the Supreme Court to grant CBI investigation for the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case. 

file:the death of democracy - 3-20 (38244982841).jpg - wikimedia commons

Many celebrities gave their opinions and views on the whole matter. The media was burning with the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case. Every news channel is just talking about the role of Rhea Chakraborty in Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case.

Kangana Ranaut fired her gun on the issues like nepotism and demanded justice for Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case.

Apart from this, the recipient of Padmashri Kangana Ranaut was active on the issue. When the case was being seen with the nepotism angle, she gave her views and facts on the nepotism happening in society. She didn’t stop here. She even took Karan Johar’s name in launching star kids and not providing any platform to the fresh talents. She even revealed how these big celebrities are involved in nepotism. 

There were other celebrities too who spoke on the nepotism issue, but Kangana Ranaut was seen as much active and more influential. She started mentioning the names clearly of the stars who are linked in the nepotism couches. 

kangana ranaut says she would unfollow sister rangoli chandel, tells her 'don't need you in my life' in hilarious video | entertainment news,the indian express

Of course, she spoke openly on the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case and demanded justice for him. Media channels who were prominently active on the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery case supported Kangana Ranaut and took her interviews too. In the interviews too, she spoke clearly about the film industry and also shared her experience in Bollywood.

We all know that star kids get opportunities more quickly just because they are born in a celebrity family, and the fresh talents waste their years by standing in audition ques and doesn’t get anything. 

Things move further and the statement and blame game too!

The NCB caught up Rhea Chakraborty in a drug dealing case with his brother Souwik Chakraborty. Apart from the pair of brother and sister, 14 drugs peddlers were also taken on judicial custody. Rhea Chakraborty is in judicial custody till 22nd September.

After this incident, Kangana Ranaut shared a tweet and described that how is she feeling unsafe and doubt on Mumbai police. They are giving high-class security to a prime suspect Rhea Chakraborty and trying to protect Rhea Chakraborty so that they can ultimately save baby penguin!

The conflict began!

Sanjay Raut, a member of parliament from the Shiv Sena Party, launched an open threat against Kangana Ranaut and asked her not to come to Mumbai when she pointed out things against Mumbai police and doubted their way of doing work. 

After this Kangana Ranaut tweeted and said that Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena leader has given her an open threat and asked her not to come back to Mumbai after Aazadi graffitis in Mumbai streets and now open threats. She added that why Mumbai feels like Pakistan occupied Kashmir?

After this, many people came in support of Kangana Ranaut. And many started criticizing Kangana Ranaut and said that she hates Mumbai and against Maharashtra Government. 

Kangana replied and said that was raising a question and expressing her views is wrong? When people say anti-national things and slogans, they are thrown out of the country, and if she just asked about the justice for a murder case and questions the police, she is not allowed to enter Mumbai?

This incident didn’t stop here. The Shiv Sena Members and some of the celebrities criticized Kangana Ranaut. The Shiv Sena supporters came on roads and abused Ms Ranaut.

After the threatenings, Kangana said that she would return back to Mumbai. She tweeted that many people are threatening her not to come back to Mumbai, so she has now decided to travel to Mumbai this coming week on 9th September, Kangana will post the time when She will land at the Mumbai airport. Kangana also said that kisi ke baap mein himmat hai toh rok le. 

Justice for Palghar Sadhus was also framed in the Kangana Ranaut vs Sanjay Raut.

Sanjay Raut and supporters stated that she has no right to stay in Mumbai, they will make sure she can’t enter Mumbai. Kangana tweeted and said that they are planning to beat me to death with stones and rods just how they lynched Palghar Sadhus. 

She even added a question taunting them that how they have promoted themselves from POK to the Taliban just in one day is commendable? 

Questions and slamming didn’t stopped her and then she tweeted: किसी के बाप का नहीं है महाराष्ट्र, महाराष्ट्र उसी का है जिसने मराठी गौरव को प्रतिष्ठित किया है। और मैं डंके की चोट पे कहती हूँ हॉ मैं मराठा हूँ ,उखाड़ो मेरा क्या उखाड़ोगे?

Sanjay Raut slammed her by saying Haramkhor Ladki, these people, unfortunately, sit in parliament and uses unparliamentary words for women like they are the sleepers of their foot. Apart from this on 7th September, the Bombay Municipality Corporation forcefully took her office and started taking measurements. She tweeted that she has been informed that they are demolishing her property. 

The BMC officials were captured saying: वो जो मैडम है उसकी करतूत का परिणाम सबको भरना होगा

On the BMC raid happened to Kangana Ranaut office, Kangana said that she has all the papers, BMC permissions nothing has been done illegally in my property, BMC should send a structure plan to show the illegal construction with a notice, today they raided her place, and without any notice tomorrow they are demolishing the entire infrastructure. 

won't last for more than a week', reacts kangana ranaut after instagram deletes her 'demolish covid' post

On 9th September, when she was all set to leave for Mumbai, BMC officials and Mumbai police came to demolish her office with no prior notice. Kangana Ranaut shared every video of the incident with a #deathtodemocracy.

However, she has filed a case against the Maharashtra government, and BMC and court have asked them to revert on their actions taken. The proceedings of the court are in progress.

Now the question of why I mentioned the whole story in this article. The answer is I want my readers to know each and everything before I came to the conclusion of the article.

Kangana Ranaut v/s Uddhav Sarkaar: The battle on its start!

Kangana Ranaut directly targetted the Uddhav government for the injustice that happened. She said that is raising the voice and expressing views an illegal thing? She said that Uddhav Thackeray is trying to save someone and trying to threaten her and suppress her views and voice so that they can do whatever they want to do and misuse their powers. 

Uddhav government and BMC have been asked the reason behind the demolition of her property after it was approved by BMC earlier. The court has taken this matter as suppression and assault.

Apart from all this, Kangana Ranaut directly targetted Aditya Thackeray as his name has been highlighted with the Disha Salian case. Disha Salian was the ex-manager of Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide a few days before. The allegation is that there are possibilities that Aditya Thackeray has raped her and thrown her in the pool without clothes and to suppress the case Mumbai government has influenced the case to be a suicide.

Apart from the rape angle, there are assumptions made that may be Adity Thackeray is trying to save any celebrity or Disha Salian knew some of his secrets that caused her to death. Mumbai police have a doubtful FIR and postpartum report of the whole case that makes it more suspicious.

These allegations can be fake as nothing has been proved by the main authority or central investigating agencies. Above are the assumptions made by various people.

Disha Salian was said to be in a link with Aditya Thackeray. And the way Maharashtra government and Maharashtra police has taken the whole matter depicts that there is something that the authority is hiding.

Why the demonization and threats are given?

Suddenly BMC realized that the office property of Kangana is constructed illegally? And if it was illegal, then why did they approved it on the time of registration? Also, why the staff was caught speaking on the camera that this is the result of Kangana’s statements against Sanjay Raut.

All of a sudden BMC realized that the construction is illegal and felt to demolish it in a single day notice on the same day when Kangana Ranaut cam back to Mumbai. Isn’t it fishy and doubtful? Coincidence can happen, but a lot of coincidence is doubtful.

On 10th September Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel went to look at the damage caused and are planning to file a case that will ask the BMC and Uddhav government to pay for her losses. 

The exact death of democracy

‘The word Democracy.’

We always say that India is a democratic country we have democracy in our country, but how many of you know the exact meaning of democracy?

So let’s first talk about the exact meaning of democracy. 

The simplest meaning of democracy is a government for the people, and by the people.

If the citizens of the people select their leaders and take part in the electoral process and choose their government, then it is the government by the people. And if the government works for the welfare of the nation and for the betterment of every citizen of the society, then it is the government for the people. Both of these conditions are fulfilled, and the concept of democracy is made.

Now, what is the end of democracy according to you?

The end of democracy is autocracy! The dictatorship!

Wasn’t the act of the Mumbai government with a woman who expresses her views was the end of democracy? Doesn’t it count under a dictatorship? 

When public elects you and gives you the power to make decisions for their betterment and to protect them, you misuse it and take it for granted, and then it is the end of democracy. Uddhav government has the power to do justice, to make decisions for the betterment of people, to make good policies, and can do more good deeds for the betterment of Maharashtra.

it's not just elections alone: what the world's largest democracy can learn from the world's oldest democracy

But they are demolishing properties of the person who points them out and questions them. Their police misbehave with the police of other states and forcefully quarantine them in the name of the wides[read of COVID-19, they try to influence a murder mystery case to a suicide case, they don’t file proper cases.

The member of the ruling party even abuses a girl of no reason just to save their political interests. Where is the democracy in Maharashtra if the government is not answerable to the citizens for its actions and rather tries to harass them and abuse them in different ways.

The examples of death to democracy

Crime against women:

How many years did it take to punish nirbhaya’s rapists? More than seven years took to punish rapists? Was it a justified act by the government? When people were on the roads for protests and to demand justice for the brutal Delhi gang-rape happened with a girl in DTC bus, then it took seven years.

Then just imagine how many years a rape victim has to wait if her case is not highlighted by media on the television to get justice? The nirbhaya gang rape case was a burning topic in the country, and it took seven years to justice. Is this the way to get justice against a serious rape case? That’s the sole reason why criminals are not afraid to rape as they know the judgment will take years and even they can save themselves by adding fake allegations on the victim itself or in the name of human rights. That’s exactly what the nirbhaya rapists did.

They dragged the cases for years in the name of human rights. Where was your humanity when you were raping a girl, and now you are asking for human rights. You lost the title to be called a human when you raped a girl. This was the end of democracy when the representatives we elected couldn’t do justice for us!

The suicide cases of farmers!

The farmer is the one who feeds the starving stomach of the whole nation. Then what causes him to be left starving and pressurized under debts and liabilities. The farmers commit suicide on a daily basis as they have no option left. They have so many loans to pay and fewer earnings.

Why don’t the government bring some policies that can benefit farmers and save their lives? Have you ever wondered that if the government bans tobacco what will the tobacco farmer do who only knows how to grow tobacco and has ideal conditions and skills to cultivate it? He will starve to death. This is the end of democracy when the government is not able to save the lives of farmers from the past decades. 

Unemployed youth:

If a well educated and qualified youngster is sitting ideal with his degrees as his wall hanging, what do you expect the youngster to do? The unemployment is again a major cause where either youngster takes wrong steps and decisions or start working at a low level and cause their exploitation. What do you think the youth in the Kashmir valley who are involved in anti-national activities are doing it willingly? No! They have no source of income, and the disturbing external forces are paying them and influencing them to follow their beliefs and do activities according to them.

If a person is poor and needs money, then he/she is influenced more easily with money. What about the MBA graduates who are working in the BPO? Isn’t it the exploitation? They can ear up to 30-50k per month, but due to fewer opportunities, they are forces to work at 10k per month salary. This is the ned of democracy where the government is not able to give employment opportunities to the youth and busier with getting votes and being in power.


Poverty exists in the country from the time of independence. Every time we vote for the political leaders and they promise they will reduce poverty in the country but unfortunately India is still witnessing poverty after so many decades. Why do we have an electoral process if the government we make can’t work for us to remove poverty from the country? People are dying due to poverty.

Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty that is 68.8% of the Indian population lives on less than Rs 147 a day. Over 30% even have less than Rs 91 per day. Now why so many governments have failed in removing poverty from the country? Just extorting money and corruption are not the loopholes, but there are many known and unknown reasons that have failed the government to remove poverty from the country. 


On the one hand, India has a state like Kerala that holds 93.91% literacy in its state alone, while on the other hand, there is a state like Bihar with a 68.8% literacy rate. Education is not important for employment and knowledge; it is needed to create a sensible and growth-seeking younger generation. Youth requires to be empowered with education, to more know their rights as the citizens of the country.

Illiteracy needs to be tackled as one of the most important social evils of the country, as this is the most prominent reasons why the youth is misguided and engaged in criminal as well as terrorist exercises. The government requires to support free education and strict rules to follow it in every household of India, poor or not poor. An educated population will ultimately lead to the country having a more active workforce as opposing the world. 


Terrorism has hit India after the day India was partitioned. The conflict over Kashmir between India and Pakistan has been a long-standing unsolved issue. Using this dispute, the neighboring country has frequently used terror against India in the most dangerous manners possible. Uncountable events of terror attacks in Kashmir, and its nearby areas such as Srinagar, along with the major cities of the country, have been an origin of disturbance very frequently.

Among such events that trembled the nation was the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, and the Pulwama attack is among the uncountable similar attacks. India has been disrupted by external terrorism as well as internal terrorism through Maoist attacks in the westernmost parts of the nation.

Terrorism principally causes loss of lives but also hits the country economically. Tourism in Jammu & Kashmir has experienced for years on end due to the threat to tourists due to unexpected terror attacks. Alongside, the clean-up after each such attack requires long governmental processes.

countries by global terrorism index rating - worldatlas

However, the situation is much better now after the Modi government came into existence, but still, the matter is not fully resolved. The problem of terrorism still prevails in the country. We all get to know about the terrorists caught by the military forces daily in Jammu and Kashmir; this is proof that the country still has the problem of terrorism.

India has secured a position for itself as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Still, it loses behind in a lot in the name of growth. As rich people are becoming richer and the poor people becoming poorer, the division has been increasing more and more than before.

What can, after all, be credited to the numerous issues that pretend a threat before every government that comes to power at the center? From the rising poverty to the corruption at an all-time high, the rising crime against women across the country, the events of terrorism that shake some of the other city, and the increasing prices of basic facilities, are some of the scariest facts of this fast-growing economy, India. These problems are needed to be tackled.

However, the government is not taking any solid steps to fight these serious problems this can be called the end of democracy as the government is not taking steps that benefit and resolves the problems of people rather government is busier in the politics and corruption.

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