Innovative Digital Solutions to All Your Organizational Problems

Feetport is the provider of smart solutions to your managerial hassles. Managing a business is no piece of cake but it all becomes so much easier with Feetport. Be it sales force management, work allocation, delivery, or servicing, the Feetport application as well as web console track down things for your business, helping you strategize and plan your operations digitally using the digital signatures that they use to keep tabs on everything.
What Solutions You Sign Up For When You Choose Feetport

  • Schedule and Dispatch

Feetport provides all kinds of digital solutions to your task force management troubles. Had a delivery scheduled and could not make it in time? Schedule them online and Feetport will get one of your best available men on the task. The people on your team are only human and they forgetting things. The Feetport console triggers notifications for them and nudges them continuously with wake up calls so no dispatch ever again gets delayed.

  • SalesForce Management

The sales force management console helps the organizational think tank of your business keep a track on the work force deployed in the market and accordingly devise the best strategy for targeting any given sales region.

  • Authentic Customer Feedback

If spammers are your problem, Feetport has got you sorted. The digital signature technique helps verify the user identity and gets you only the credible, real, authentic and valuable feedback from your clients and customers. You get to keep the useful and the junk can be discarded with ease.

  • Work Allocation

Work allotment will never again be a problem with Feetport. The app scans and searches for unused resources intermittently and allots the most urgent work in hand to the most suited person available at the given instant of time.

  • Geo Attendance
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The digital signatures ensure that physical presence of an employee does not become a barrier to his or her productivity. The geo attendance carried out through the mobile app lets the employees make their presence count from any place, anywhere.

  • Servicing

Be it servicing duties or delivery of goods and services, Feetport has got it all covered for your business so your customers do not get another chance to complain.
What Else to Expect

  • Data Collection, Tracking, Verification, and Surveys

The Feetport application specializes in the tracking of employees and task management, verification of credentials, monitoring an on-time delivery of goods and services and attendance through digital signatures. But the functionality and utility of the application extend much more than just these. The Feetport app can be employed for online data collection and surveys to gauge customer satisfaction rates and user engagement for your business. The app interface ensures a stringent, verified collection of correct, tangible, and valid data. This data in term can be used to study user interests and proclivities and form an estimate of what they want. This helps an organization reconsider its strategies and reframe them if required.

  • Audits with Feetport Inspection App

The Feetport app has been also granted a functionality to facilitate the occurrence of online audits and inspections to test your organizational lineaments against standard parameters. A strict, fair audit is the key to self-introspection for success and with the app’s real-time, transparent audits, your firm gets that chance at self-examination without engaging any external resources. All the audits are conducted live through app’s interface by real, online auditors.
The list is endless. You just need to explore.

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