Website Stats & Print Circulation

Digital Media/Internet Website Stats

Inventiva started on 21st of January 2017 and since then has grown exponentially.

Today Inventiva stands 3rd in the list of Startup, Entrepreneurship, Venture-ship Magazines/Portals on Digital Media & Internet in India.

1. Inventiva Alexa Ranking in India is 34,926
2. Inventiva Facebook Page Has 20,000+ Followers
3. The total monthly traffic stands at 4,50,000 viewers per month.
4. An Average Returning Customer is 60%
5. 30% New Readers Every Month.
6. Our Domain Authority is 45+
7. Our Page Authority is 34+
8. Inventiva has a newsletter subscription base of 84,000+
9. Push Notification Subscription Base is 45,000+
10. Total of 14000+ Articles Published
11. Average of 40-50 Articles Published Every Day.

Print Circulation

Inventiva also launched its print version in August 2018 with proper licenses & approvals from RNI(Registrar of Newspaper For India) Under MIB (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting), within very less time Inventiva Print Magazine stands 1st in its print circulation among any Indian startup magazine. Our Global Distribution Network Covers

1. Domestic Airports within India
2. International Airports within India
3. Fortune 500 Companies
4. Super Brands within India
5. Five Star Hotels within India
6. Co-working Spaces within India
7. Incubators within India
8. Entrepreneurship Cells within India
9. Venture Capital Companies within India
10. All Government Head Offices In Delhi
11. Banks Head Offices within Delhi
12. Ministries Head Offices within Delhi
13. Global, International & World Schools In India with Innovation Centers under The Atal Innovation Mission & Atal Tinkering Labs
14. International Chamber of Commerce Present in India
15. All International Embassies & Foreign Diplomats & High-Commissions in India.
16. Chain of Restaurants Like Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Mc-Donalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC, Burger King.
17. Indian Embassies, Diplomats, Indian High-Commissions Present Outside India.