Inventiva is a very committed, socially responsible & morally active company.

We understand our responsibilities & duties towards earth, our nation & environment as well as towards the society we live in.

Inventiva is committed to plant equal amount trees against the total number of magazines we get printed in an year. The plantation work is carried in collaboration with the children in schools to save and protect the environment, engagement of children in schools also make our up-coming generation learn & understand the importance of tress in Human Life and In saving the environment.

Inventiva magazines are printed on special re-cycled paper which helps reduce the cutting of trees and save environment.

Inventiva also engages with non-profits to provide them marketing, branding, advertising services free of cost without any charges or rewards in print as well as online website and the entire cost is borne by the parent company.

To know more about our CSR Activities, Kindly connect with us at [email protected]

  1. Inventiva do not indulge in any political activities and do not support any political party.
  2. Inventiva do not support any religious activity and do not support any religious group.