Terms of Service

Any user/client consuming the content published on Inventiva’s website i.e. https://www.inventiva.co.in/ or purchasing any services, digital and physical event tickets or any other service is presumed to have read the following terms and unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions set out herein and this constitutes a binding and enforceable agreement between the user/client and Inventiva.


Our Rights

Inventiva reserves the right to remove any piece of content including articles, photos, videos any time. If you find anything offending or inappropriate you can report the same by contacting us through our contact page: https://www.inventiva.co.in/contact-us/

User Permissions

  1. You are welcome to share the content published on Inventiva via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other.
  2. If you wish to syndicate any of the articles published on Inventiva on your own website, blog, or any online property then you can share up the article text followed by a link to the original article published on Inventiva website.


  1. You cannot publish the content of Inventiva on your own website or social media channels without crediting Inventiva.
  2. You cannot use any of the INVENTIVA’s proprietary material like text, graphic or video for commercial purpose.

Payments & Communication

  1. Inventiva processes all payments via its bank account only post sharing a .pdf or payment gateway generated invoice with the client over email only.
  2. All client communication, invoices and related information is/are communicated/shared with the user/client via any private email account hosted on Inventiva’s web domain only.
  3. Inventiva has no resellers and strongly advises its users/clients to discourage any imposter individuals or companies claiming to be having access to Inventiva’s domain, services, events, or any part of Inventiva.
  4. Inventiva takes No responsibility and does not entertain any refund requests in case a user/client is duped by any imposter individuals or companies.

Refunds & Cancellations

Inventiva, being a content and media services provider has to compensate its team members for every sort of activities including communicating with clients, closing the deals over email, writing content, running on-site and social media advertisements, server costs and more. Thus, every client of Inventiva has to abide by these enlisted terms:

  1. No refunds or order cancellation requests are entertained once the user/client purchases any service or event ticket from Inventiva.
  2. In case the client wants a refund for any opted service, Inventiva team cancels the order and provide an alternate service with customised benefits post- email communication with the client.

Copyright & Intellectual Properties

  1. The wordmark ‘Inventiva’, and the logo, are the registered trademarks of Inventiva.
  2. The website layout of Inventiva.com is the intellectual property of Inventiva, hence can’t be copied or reproduced in any way.
  3. The content of the website including articles, service names, and event names are copyrighted.
  4. Strict legal actions will be taken against any individual, group or organisation that tries to copy or reproduce the intellectual properties of Inventiva.


Inventiva takes its rules and ethics seriously. We strongly recommend you go through the following disclaimers and abide by them.

  1. Any information that is voluntarily published on Inventiva about you, your company, start-up, brand, or entity can be tweaked or edited after publishing on your request.
  2. Any information about you, your company, start-up, or brand that is published after prior notice to you or approval from you won’t be edited or tweaked in any way once published. If you fail to address our email notices prior to publishing any information related to you or your entity on Inventiva, any requests regarding tweaks, edits or change in information won’t be entertained.
  3. In case of digital magazine publications of Inventiva, prior notices are always sent to influencers, business owners, start-ups, brands, and entities featured in the publications. In case you fail to address our email notices or communications, any requests regarding tweaks, edits or change in information won’t be entertained.
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