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Often when you think about legacy, it’s something that is left behind after a person has passed. Legacy is more about sharing what you have learned, not just what you have earned. Yet not all legacy can be secured, but the legacy that can be secured for sure is a legacy of wealth. Oftentimes people pass away without passing their legacy and their family is left to suffer in poverty.  The requirements of a legacy is to ensure that the earning of your lifetime, the wealth that you have, the material possessions and so on reaches the people you love after you have passed away .

Legacy germinates unity consciousness, is not an entity but an ongoing activity and is what you do between here and eternity. Your life matters as everything that you say and do is a deposit into your legacy. This deposit when reaches your kith and kin they are saved from the suffering of finances, that spares them some pain after the emotional and mental pain of grief. Preserving your legacy is a pathway resulting in a deep sense of significance, where true meaning is found somewhere beyond the pursuit of success, which results in a ripple effect that positively impacts the kith and kin. SECURELIFEVAULT, hence does this job for you exceptionally well and takes the burden of organizing and informing your kith and kin away from you. Inherently, when you shift to living your legacy, your influence comes from who you are authentically at the core and you measure value and life purpose by putting emphasis on accomplishments, wealth, recognition, prestige, acclaim, power or position. And this, position, power and wealth needs to be shared with the people you love, it is important to make sure this legacy is not lost after you are gone.
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There are many tragic incidents where head of the family accumulates a lot of wealth, but his family is totally unaware of all the assets like Property, Bank Accounts, Share Holdings, FDs, and Lockers etc. Then, one day, the person leaves the world due to some emergency (like Heart attack, Road accidents etc) without sharing any information with the family. The family always stay in dark and there is no way to know about this information. The sense of helplessness that bounds such a family is profound and they have to work much more to fulfill even the basic of their needs, despite having wealth accumulated by the head.

The plight of such a family is unimaginable. They live under a trauma with the burdens of financial suffering. What if, the person who died is a man with young kids and a housewife? What if the person is a working woman and who takes care of the family’s finances. What if it’s a bright young student with responsibility of parents who depend on him/her and also has taken a huge loan for studies?

It’s a daunting task to even think of the plight of such people and feel that they are helpless. But Securelifevault has brought a perfect solution to give a helping hand and take people out of such dire situations.Vision of SecureLifeVault is to help People pass their Legacy to their loved ones.

You may get shocked to know that more than Rs. 1,56,000 Crores, are lying in banks unclaimed while the kith and kin of the deceased are suffering with lack of even the basic amenities.

SecureLifeVault allows the users to save life’s all critical information in a very safe and in a secured environment.

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