Demands to ban Tik-Tok raised again, more than 10,000 tweets in 10 hours, Madras High Court had banned it previously


The Coronavirus explosion from China has infected more than 1 million people in the world. Businesses around the world are struggling for their survival, with the global economy losing billions of dollars. Stock markets around the world are shattered like cards. Automobile, aviation, retail, ecommerce, tourism, etc. Many industries have suffered due to the covid-19 epidemic. India is also not untouched by this economic crisis. All major industrial production has stalled and the country has lost about 2 crore jobs.

Demand for Ban TikTok on Twitter
India and the whole world are forced to bear the affect of this virus, which is now being called the ‘Chinese virus’. Emotional waves against China are emerging in India and along with this the demand from the Indian government to ban ‘TikTok’ has also started to arise. In India, 10,000 tweets have been made to ban TikTok in less than 10 hours, which have been trending since Friday morning.

There has been a demand for a legal ban
In November 2019, Heena Darvesh filed a PIL in the Mumbai High Court stating that this app is causing crimes and deaths. Significantly, TikTok was banned by the Madras High Court last year, which was later lifted. On March 12, Republican Senator Josh Howley in the US introduced a bill in the Senate to ban all federal government devices from downloading and using the Chinese social media app TikTok because it could be a risk to the US government’s data security. His video has been trending on Facebook, seen by 1.3 million people and shared more than 140,000 times.

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Demand raised in politics too
BJP’s Information Technology and Publicity Strategist in the Uttar Pradesh government, has also demanded a tiktok ban. Advocate Varsha Madhukar said that TikTok is on the government’s radar as it is a risk on the security of the country, our important data is going to China, which has increased the risk of cybercrime. Social activist Renu Mathur says that because of TikTok our children are accessing pornography and are getting involved in communal violence and religious hatred. Even before this, TikTok has faced the anger of Indians because thousands of people have died in accidents due to the filming of TikTok videos. Last year Swadeshi Jagran Manch, the economic wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has also demanded a ban on the Chinese social media apps TikTok and Helo.


  1. Banning tiktok will be accepted by the society, when there is an alternative Swadeshi App, which is made in India, and is owned by India.
    So, incentives may be taken by Government and large entertainment house for development of popular social apps in India to check flow of our money to foreigners.

  2. Yaaa really please ban tik tom side effect and also waste of time and I think in India most of the people is using this tik tok…. And now we have to decide that this is very bad for UA and also it’s my kindly request to government please ban this

  3. Please friends stop using this aAP stop . now the whole world is in very bad condition stop using this . stop giving time to this aap. Why don’t you understand ….. Please it’s my request

  4. I believe Tik Tok should banned in India. We people are giving a High revenue to China by just wasting our time in tik tok. they are very smart at earning profit by fooling us in many ways and we even after knowing the current situation of our country in spite of supporting our country doing nothing. if people are really want to show their talents then go and perform in real life and live in need to show your SILLYNESS ☹️ over these.. There are end number of Indian social application use them..But yes if TIK TOK get banned in India that would really be a great initiative…if government wants they can easily do this and believe nobody can go against this decision….

  5. Chinese never gave license to those apps which are not owned by them. Ex google, YouTube, FB, also PUBG. But they want their app to be use by whole world. Also this app is only making people fool. It’s is heavily use by teenager. So ban this app.

  6. Tiktok app ko hamesha ke liye Ban Karo ye app k wajh se log apna Carrier pe focus dene ka chodh ke bus tiktok pe dhyaan dete hai jisse hamari India ka future pe asar padega log tiktok jaise app mein apna 24hrs nikaal dete hai…iss tiktok app ko hamesha k liye ban Karo plz request…if india ka future acha dekhna chahte hai….agar sab apne carrier pe focus karenge to hamara India sab world se aage pahuch jayega ….

  7. Tiktok app ko hamesha k liye ban Karo plz request…Tiktok jaise app k wajh se log apne Carrier pe focus nhi kr rhe hai jisse India k future pe asar padh Raha hai..tiktok ban Karo ki log apne Carrier pe focus karein…jisse India aage badega…

  8. Plss ban tik tok in india…. It is really harmful for everyone.. Nobody is able to concentrate on their studies nd they spent their all day in viewing othrs videos ..Even adulting contents are displayed on tik tok
    Ban Tik tok soon plss in India

  9. Yr khud socho jo country hamaare india ki band bajane main lagi hai. Wo app yahaa ke liye indians use kar rahe hai. Jab indians ko apne india ka hi acha bura ka pata nahi to ye log kya karenge .or girls to india ki bhot hi mental h bs lgi hui h tik tok bnane me hd h or hum se america better h tik tok banned kr diya vha lekin indian leaders Mahaan h pta nhi kab banned krege india ka future ki waat lg rhi h tik tok se lekin indian bcho ko us se koi mtlb nhi apni country se pyar nhi to kis se krege

  10. nowadays,tiktok has been the biggest distractions in youngster life…for which they are loosing their future..It is my request to the government to ban tiktok and save the indian future …Plz ban tiktok and PUBG aswell

  11. I also want to be banned tiktok from our country…. It has many side effects… Or isse log suicide bhi kr rhe h…

  12. Tiktokers are uploading misleading and thought provoking content especially for a particular community and these chinese have banned the foreign apps in their country so it should be banned.

  13. It is a humble request to please ban tik tok, we cannot share any details with China, also it is playing with our children mind, please remove this app as we are always against this app.

  14. Tiktok band krwao yr..youth khali jalipan m time waste kre ja rhi h aaj har yuva video banao video banao ki bekar ke chhezo m lga hua h asal m telent velent kuch nhi ..akal se paidal vale inhi logo ko follow bhi krte hai ..banned in india..chineese app

  15. A country that sends material made from garbage … ,underrated products,very low and bad quality products ,china had send fake covid raping test kits (5 LLAKH FAKE KITS) …THEN why Indians should be using such a worthless app

  16. Tiktok is simply waste of time. It is wasting the time of people making it and also watching it. It is just an unnecessary drama,makes people think that they are actors. We are creating celebrities who are just doing absurd stuff on social media just by watching something which is of no use. Thankyou for sharing the post.

  17. टिक टोक बन्द होना चाहिए भारत में।
    मै इसका बहिष्कार करता हूं।

  18. Tiktok should be banned in india in May 2020 because it is chinese app and we all know that which gift is given by china now to thw whole world .
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    I am against tik tok because of China please ban it as soon as possible it is accepted by society .
    Please ban the tik tok in India even the whole world should ban this like tesla has banned to make new card in China.
    It will be a good slap to China to ban his social app (Tiktok).
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok
    Ban the tik tok

  19. Please ban tik tok. Kids and even adults are wasting time on these things.Indian govt should create similar app if they want so that atleast we are safe from security and revenue aspect of our Government.

  20. Ban Tiktok as early as possible because there is a fight going on between tik tok and YouTube so it’s better to delete and delet this nonsense app into the dustbin to save the the India from violence many religion support is also going on on tik tok app towards Muslims.


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