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Germany’s DMG Mori Acquires 30% Stake in Indian 3D Printing Startup ‘INTECH’ Famous for Making Jet Engine

DMG MORI, one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of cutting machine tools and a manufacturer of CNC-controlled Lathes and Milling machines, has announced today that that it is boosting its already far-reaching global presence in metal additive manufacturing (AM) by taking a 30 percent stake in the Indian startup, INTECH, a developer of software for AM, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

INTECH was in news earlier last year for developing India’s first indigenously developed jet engines. Developed by Intech’s R&D arm, ‘Poeir Jets’, the MJE20 engine starts small, powering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and remote-controlled aircraft.

Founded in 2013, INTECH is considered a pioneer in metal 3D printing in India. The firm already supplies software solutions for DMG MORI’s LASERTEC SLM (selective laser melting) machines and also for other products as well as customers using the powder bed technology. Its new OPTOMET software, for example, automatically calculates optimal process parameters, simplifying programming and resulting in markedly improved surface quality as well as reproducible component properties.

Employing more than 60 software specialists and technology experts, INTECH was founded in 2012. It supplies not only innovative software solutions but also additively manufactured prototypes into the aerospace, medical, automotive and toolmaking sectors, as well as mechanical engineering. The company’s staff has more than 30 years’ metallurgical experience gained in the foundry business and over 25 years of machining and quality control expertise.

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Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG MORI AG commented, “With INTECH we are strengthening our global footprint in India and accelerating our innovation in additive manufacturing. Right first time is our motto, which means producing the first good part quickly. We are actively pushing ahead with integrated solutions along the whole generative manufacturing process chain.”

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Mr Sridhar Balaram, CEO of INTECH added, “Leveraging synergies is key and our collaboration with DMG MORI is a perfect fit of hardware and software. OPTOMET can also be applied to other key technologies within additive manufacturing, such as directed energy deposition and binder jetting. We believe this software is a game-changer for the whole of the additive manufacturing market.”

Source: IndianWeb2

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