Childlike dolls discovered and seized by the police – Grim news hits


Sex dolls which was just an idea in the past, have now been presented with life-like structures through which you can have your fun. But a grim discovery has been made recently which have shown that around a large group, a mass of men has been harboring childlike dolls.

In 12 months total 86 childlike sex dolls were seized by the ABF, it has been demonstrated.  They were sent via post or air freight and are usually ordered online.  This comes after authorities allegedly seized five child-like intercourse dolls Imported from Japan and China in March and April and detained three guys an ABF spokesperson warned toddler-like sex dolls are part of a few larger threat posed with the aid of pedophiles who would like to abuse children.  

The spokesperson told “That’s why the ABF works with its law enforcement and intelligence partners to further research those imports.

Owning a sex doll, the first man to be charged in the State for its offense under new legislation targeting kid abuse-related offenses is based in Australia. 

A 30 year old guy was charged on January 14 and faces a prison sentence if convicted of possessing the doll. Before that, a Southern coats investigation was launched by authorities after Getting information from New South Wales Police and AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre), with support from PayPal Australia. These people have been charged for the confiscation of these disturbing childlike dolls, as the cases of paedophilia are rising in number. It will be soon enough that we see a grim discovery in the near future that awaits us. 

A Brisbane man has been charged with the same

A Brisbane man has been arrested for allegedly possessing sex dolls, under federal laws abuse-related offenses.  Terry Dunnett, 44, appeared for a possible 15-year jail term if convicted.  The January 20 when Australian discovered a doll Border Force from China at a shipment.  The man’s Home, in the Brisbane suburb of all Riverhills, was searched for around five days and the other 2 dolls were found.  A laptop captured at the home child abuse material that is contained will be further alleged by Authorities.  Mr. Dunnett was charged with 2 counts of owning a sex Doll, one count of trying to possess a single and a sex doll Count of possessing child exploitation material.  He’s been granted bail and will face court soon after the charges are made official.

This is a disturbing event as the ABF has commented. The site Alibaba is said to have a lifelike structure of dolls that looks exactly like kids. Each guy was charged with possessing and importing a childlike sex doll and child abuse charges, but police do not believe that the arrests are connected.   A high number of those dreadful things were found on the marketplace Alibaba, regardless of the Chinese firm previously committing to eliminating child sex dolls from a sale.

ABF has said that ‘We don’t understand someone would do this but this is disturbing for the team to find out. We are trying to connect the dots and whatever is happening but we are not sure of what we are yet to find if we dig deeper. Our team and supervisor have connected and we are here to await the results.

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