Reliance Jio Demands Spectrum To Test 5G Technology.

Reliance Jio has demanded some special frequency spectrum from DoT for testing state-of-the-art 5G technology. The company’s US-based wholly-owned subsidiary Redisys has also started selling some 5G solutions to foreign companies.

According to sources, Reliance Jio sought 100 MHz frequency in 3.5 GHz band with 800 GHz frequency in 26 GHz (GHz) and 24 GHz bands on July 17 for testing in urban centers like Delhi and Mumbai.
According to official sources, ‘Jio said that high frequencies have been kept for use in developed countries like America, South Korea, Japan, Canada and Britain. The company wants that testing in these bands should start in the country to make India self-sufficient in this matter. The government is ready for suggestions and testing. Many trials are already underway. 

The company has demanded spectrum frequencies in the 26.5 – 29.5 GHz and 24.25-27.5 GHz bands. This high frequency band is expected to be auctioned next year. The company has also said that it wants to test the 5G technology before selling it to other countries.

At the 43rd annual general meeting of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani had said that Jio has developed a 5G solution. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said that during the lockdown, Reliance Jio helped the people of the country greatly in the matter of internet. Ambani said that Jio is working for 5G and 4G networks with over 20 startups. Mukesh Ambani said that more than 50 lakh people have downloaded the Geomit app in just a few days of launching.

Jio has prepared 5G network. After the government auction, the company’s 5G service will start. The company claims that the 5G network has fully used home appliances. Apart from this, Jio’s 5G service will be number in the world. Ambani said that it is quite easy to upgrade from 4G to 5G. For this, he thanked the IP (Internet Protocol) Network Architect.

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