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Puneet Kumar Kanojia is appreciated by India Book of Records

New Delhi, April 15 – Young, Dashing, Dynamic PR and Media personality Puneet Kumar Kanojia has marked his name in the prestigious India Book of Records. A resident of Rohini, New Delhi Puneet Kumar Kanojia has proven once again that in the current scenario India is a country where youth power is the supreme. The youth of India have not only the passion to excel in their respective fields but also have the talent to mark their identity worldwide.

Puneet Kumar Kanojia has been added and registered as a YOUNG AND PROMISING PR DIRECTOR AND MEDIA CONSULTANT by India Book of Records. It is relevant to mention here that this book is the first in its genre to register bravery, cultural and talented records in the Hindi language. This book has been recognized by the Indian Government and is affiliated with Asia Book of Records. All the International Protocols of Records (IPRS) has been kept in mind while composing the book.

In the present time, India is known as a fast-growing country where media, public relations, event management, branding, digital marketing and production like fields are emerging at a fast pace. So it is oblivious that the competition in these fields is very tough. But despite all this Puneet Kumar Kanojia has successfully marked himself as a dedicated, hardworking and experienced media personality.

Because of his dedication and talent, he has received this honour which has been registered by India Book of Records. But the road of success was not a cake walk for Puneet Kumar Kanojia. He has been through uncountable ups and downs during his successful journey and many times took toil to excel in his work. And the final outcome is loud and clear in front of everyone.

Born on 3rd February 1991 in Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh), Puneet Kumar Kanojia belongs to a very simple and humble family. His was not a rosy childhood but he never surrendered in front of any obstacle. Since his student life many times he found himself in unwanted and difficult situations but he never lost his courage. Then after successfully completing his education, he started his new venture in the field of media. In his initial years, the glamorous fields of media placed him in many difficult situation and challenges. But he has never compromised with his professional ethics and morals to achieve short term success. Instead of this, he dedicated himself completely and honestly towards his work and never ever underestimated any work.


Probably this is the reason that his ideas and views got maximum accuracy and with slow pace gradually he started blooming as a media professional. Today he is known as the Founder and Director of his own company. His brainchild Sakshar Media Solutions & Consultant Pvt Ltd and Delta News (National Newspaper), is a renowned name in the field of media. According to Mr Kanojia ‘PR and Media is a very different and demanding profession where you have to dedicate yourself completely for your work. This field runs 24×7 since news never stops for anyone. Being a media person this is our duty to provide accurate and first-hand news to our readers. Though I understand how stressful is this field still it gives me energy and I never get tired from my work. This award means a lot to me and I am feeling very humble to receive this prestigious award. Maybe because of my passion and dedication I have reached here’.

There is no doubt in the fact that it’s really a big honour for Mr Kanojia to get registered by India Book of Records 2020 edition as a YOUNG AND PROMISING PR DIRECTOR AND MEDIA CONSULTANT. To receive acknowledgement and certificate for his contribution in the field of media is really commendable. For this honour and appreciation, Mr Kanojia says, ‘I am feeling very thrilled and humble at the same time to mark my name as YOUNG AND PROMISING PR DIRECTOR AND MEDIA CONSULTANT in India Book of Records. For this honour, I would like to thank the editorial and management department of the book from the core of my heart’.

For Mr Kanojia this is the true moment of glory and happiness because this award has filled his life with more positivity and zeal to excel in this field. He says, ‘These kinds of awards defiantly boost the morale of any youth. Because such awards are proof that your hard work is being acknowledged by society and at the same time these awards make you more responsible and duty bound towards your society and nation.

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