#1 Best Selling Book-“ Startup Idea to IPO-What Does it Take to create a Unicorn Company

The purpose of this book is to educate, inform, inspire and transform companies by sharing tools and techniques, latest developments in the eco-system on how to get several great achievements like greater access to funds in an efficient and credible manner, wealth creation, value creation, greater credibility, national as well as international branding, accelerating business growth and achieve enormous organizational success.

The objective of this brief book is to enable, empower and excel the promoters and decision makers of companies by addressing their capital related and growth related concerns.

This book one of its kind is created for growing companies who want to grow from Startup Idea to IPO and become really big which will help them to continuously enhance the valuation of the company along with the business development of the company. In this book, we have deliberated on the IPO journey and the many challenges and opportunities that often present themselves.

In this book, we share learnings and experience of transformation of companies with one single aim, that is to help startups and SMEs transform to large companies.

This book “STARTUP IDEA TO IPO-WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO CREATE A UNICORN COMPANY” is intended to disseminate knowledge about how to take a company from a startup Idea level to IPO level and create a unicorn company. Our mission through this book is to help millions of companies in becoming unicorn companies around the world.


About the Author-CA. Rajan Bhatia, FCA.

Mr. Rajan Bhatia, FCA is a renowned Chartered Accountant and B.Com(Hons.) from India’s premier Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University with over 20+ years of successful experience in the areas of finance, funds raising, wealth creation, CFO services, investment banking and IPO advisory. Rajan has over 20+ years of experience in IPO management, funds raising, investment banking, merchant banking, business growth, business development, wealth creation and has worked in senior management and leadership roles of large corporates like The renowned The Oberoi Group of Hotels, Motorola India Limited, World Health Organization to name a few.

Mr. Rajan has managed and advised on the complete process of several IPOs and in getting several companies listed on India’s premier stock exchanges which helped companies in multiplying wealth, valuation, growth, raise funds and become successful unicorn companies.

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Rajan has conducted thousands of seminars and workshops on Startup Idea to IPO, funding, multiplying valuations, wealth, direct selling and on multiplying growth of companies at prestigious platforms like The National Stock Exchange of India, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, IIT-Kanpur, TEDx and thousands of enterprenuers have benefitted from his seminars.

Rajan is also an author of this renowned #1 national best seller book and his articles have been published in several business magazines. Rajan is a renowned professional speaker and expert trainer and the recipient of several awards including the globally recognized Distinguished Toastmaster Award, which is the highest international certification & recognition in public speaking & leadership skills from The Toastmasters International.

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Testimonials about the Book-


This book has wonderful messages about taking any company to next level through IPO.

I highly recommend this Book to everyone looking to succeed as an entrepreneur.”

Mr. Manjit Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, Touchwood Entertainment Limited-A renowned public listed company in Events and Entertainment Management Industry listed at NSE.

Mr. Rajan Bhatia in his Book Startup Idea to IPO has written something which will transform your company and is absolutely amazing and practical. What makes this Book special is clarity on how even small or medium level companies as well as startups can do IPO and get enormous benefits of IPO and become extremely successful. A must read for every enterprenuer.”

Mr. Pawan Kansal, Chairman and Managing Director, Jagdamba Cutlery Limited.

National Award Winners in Highest Growth in Exports by Government of India, EEPC, EPCH.

Mr. Rajan Bhatia in this Book shares actionable strategies, practical insights on how to transform any small, medium or large company to IPO level. It is a must read for every enterprise.”

Mr. Sushil Kumar Aggarwal, Chairman & Managing Director, Avon Mold Plast Limited-A renowned public listed company in Plastic Furniture Manufacturing Industry listed at NSE.

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I strongly recommend this Book to all entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to use it as a daily manual. The book is written in such a lucid way that could be easily grasped by anyone. It is a recipe to become a successful entrepreneur and turn the company into a unicorn. I feel privileged to endorse this unique creation of Mr. Rajan Bhatia. He very wisely selected to author a book on most relevant topic usually ignored by entrepreneurs.”

Dr. L.K. Pandey, Chairman, Indian Industries Association, Delhi State Chapter.

Managing Director, Ananya Seeds Private Limited.

I firmly believe that this book would be immensely useful to startups, SMEs as well as large companies around the world and help them become Unicorn Companies. The Author has laid down steps to be followed by the management to list its company through IPO in a lucid manner.”

CA. Vinay Jain, Partner, J.P.Kapur & Uberai, New Delhi.

Past District Governor, District 41, Toastmasters International.


Excellent resource for startups and SMEs on how to create both value and wealth systematically. A must read for entrepreneurs.”

Mr. Sushil Sarawgi-Managing Director, Kor Energy Private Limited.-A renowned company in renewable energy.

Mr. Rajan Bhatia has written a perfect book that can transform companies and can take them from startup idea to IPO level. This book has practical step by step approach to transform your company into a great company. It is a must have book for every entrepreneur.”

Mr. Deepak Alag, Vice President-Business Development, Future Footwear.

Startups and SME Companies will benefit immensely from this great Book. Absolutely transformational and game changing insights for success of corporate world. Everyone must read this wonderful and valuable book”

Mr. Manish Chhabra, Managing Director, Indian Education Network

Mr. Rajan Bhatia’s Book “Startup Idea to IPO” is very well written. I have studied and found that how to create a unicorn company by financial planning. This book explains in very simple manner how small and medium businesses can avail great IPO opportunity.”

Mr. Naresh Bhatia, FCA. Chartered Accountant.

This is a great Book for every entrepreneur. All SME companies and startups looking to succeed must read it. This Book has very useful knowledge and practical insights for the growth of companies.”

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Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Chairman, The Art of Prosperity.

Producer, Ameer Hota Bharat (Renowned TV Show)


Startup Idea to IPO is a must read for every entrepreneur who has a vision to set up a new venture and take it to the ultimate dream of every business owner-an IPO. Mr. Rajan leverages his immense experience in the field to talk about some of the most important factors for successful growth of the business. Rajan has covered this topic comprehensively-not only he provides a view of high level business strategy but also a step by step practical guide to successful growth of business and a journey to IPO. Get hold of your copy today.”

Dr. Rohit Bhatia, Managing Director-OSB Life Sciences and OSB Agencies Private Limited.

It is a wonderful book written by Mr. Rajan Bhatia who has done enormous seminars and workshops and contributed knowledge across the country on how even a startup, small and medium size businesses can also grow like bigger corporates and become large public listed companies. This book is must read for young entrepreneurs, SMEs and growing companies and for all those who wish to grow their business.”

Dr. Praveen Srivastava, Renowned Management Consultant and Business Coach.

Every bright idea and startup is capable of becoming a mammoth organization provided it times its financial moves to perfection. Mr. Rajan Bhatia has put all this in an easy to understand and use ready reckoner. Great Work Rajan, All the Best.”

Mr. Manish Singh, Managing Director, Mancer Consulting Services Private Limited.

I absolutely loved this book. It is a completely new and refreshing knowledge about how every company can prosper and create wealth in an efficient and credible manner. Absolutely new & practical insights for all enterprenuers and aspiring enterprenuers looking to succeed.”

Mr. Arun Arora, Chartered Accountant

From Startup Idea to IPO journey explained with full clarity. This book is full of valuable and practical insights that works for the success of every company. A must read for all businesses.”

Mr. Sandeep Nagi, FCA. Chartered Accountant.


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