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These days’ people are constantly in the lookout for weekend getaways that they can enjoy with family and friends. Various corporate are also looking for out-bound team based activities that can help in recreation and bonding within their teams in an informal setup. Nowadays people do not want to go through the process of looking for a place to visit, a hotel to stay in and deciding on activities to pursue. This need for convenience gave rise to adventure based weekend getaway, wherein groups can stay for a period of 1-2 days together and spend time in pursuing fun filled, adrenaline pumping activities in leisure, spend time during meals and relax at night. This helped in bonding of people in an entertaining and enjoyable manner. It also helped them not to get bored while spending time together.

Farmer’s Son Resorts & Adventure Sports aims at providing a similar getaway. The resort is situated in a tiny hamlet of Gundan Bellur Village, 5 kms off road to NH 75 ( Old NH 48 ) Sakleshpur.It is about 35 kms from Hassan towards Mangalore & Dharmastala, 15 kms from Sakleshpur, 190 kms from Bangalore and 135 kms from Mangalore. The connectivity is quite good as the roads are well made, so any thrill seekers can check out this fun filled resort. The location is also beautiful as it is in the midst of nature surrounded by reserved forest & coffee plantation.  One can immerse himself or herself in the greenery and take in all the fresh air from the trees and plants around this property in Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur is rated as the 18thmost diverse spots in the world in terms of flora and fauna. It receives very heavy rainfall from the south west monsoons which is located in the western Ghats, a mountain range that stretches from Kerala to Gujarat. The sub-tropical climate and heavy rains during the wet season create an environment where several unique plant and animal species flourish. This definitely says something about the beauty of the place.

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The people of Hassan are very warm and welcoming. They make sure that they make you comfortable and provide you with the best experience possible. The hospitable environment make the customers feel at home and help them take some of the memories back with them.So the place is quite hot choice among local and foreign visitors who plan there trip to Hassan famous Beluru , Halebedu & Sravanabelagola historical monuments.

The day starts with home made wine as welcome drink which is followed by adventure activities with buffet launch and evening hi tea snacks. The day ends with a bonfire and Dinner with self barbeque option too. The stay will be arranged in a bamboo tree house or single group sharing bamboo dormitories and even tent glamping with all best comforts . The groups can pursue various adventures activities including Dirt Bikes , Quad Bikes (ATV) , Cycle Tours , Water Games like Jet ski , Speed Boat , Cruze Boat , Banana Boat, Kayaking , Rope Activities like Zip Line, Single line Walk , Bamboo cross Bridge , Wooden Hanging Bridge and Cammondo Net. Other fun activities like Paintball , X-Box / Playstation , Riffle & Pistol Shooting , Airborne Sumo Wrestling , Archery , Boxing Punch Stand ,Cricket Net ,Volley Ball /Mud VolleyBall , Shuttle Badminton  , Group Rain Dance, Water Slide with Desi Swimming Pool Children’s Play Area  etc are also available for recreation.They also engage in guided trekking , Vertical mountaineering and Cycle tours on demand.

If someone is up for some adrenaline rush and are looking forward to an exciting weekend with out of box experience then this a must try place.

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Farmer’s Son Resort & Adventurous Sports
Making Heroes out of ordinary People
Off Road to NH 75 ( OLD 48 ) Managalore Hwy | Hassan-Sakleshpur Main Road ,N H 75, Sakleshpur, Hassan – 573134, Near Gundan Bellur, Palya Circle,Sakleshpur 573134, India , SAKLESHPUR India 573134


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