Paperless Billing which can be used to generate bills from phone, laptop or any other smart device.


Every other person seen these days talks about environment. How environment is being affected by over utilization of resources, pollution, global warming etc. The present generation is most concerned about the conservation of environment. People of old generation do not care very much about the environment and are not very concerned about the same.

Everyone uses paper for almost everything whether for transactions, writing exams etc. Though, use of paper for writing exams cannot be reduced but use for paper for carrying out transactions can definitely be reduced and even it can be reduced to nil. Yes, paperless transactions are a thing now. This have been made possible by .

Papelless was founded by Mr. Gaurav A Jain along with Mr. Yash Sharma. The head office is located in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Papelless is a website based billing system which can be used to generate bills from any smart device like mobile phones, laptop. Personal computers etc. It is a very smart and cost efficient tool which eliminates the use of paper for business course. It saves money and saves environment too. A customer can download his or her bill from Papelless. A consumer has to download the application from play store where it is available for free. It makes all the transactions online and remove the trail of paper from the business.

The Papelless software will take care of the new Goods and Services based taxation policies. With Papelless, there is no need to take printouts of the bill. A bill can be very conveniently downloaded in PDF form in any device. It is a very user friendly concept and platform. Papeless costs around half of the traditional transactions method. It is very easy to have regular access of Papeless. It can be used via any smart device. The software is designed keeping savings in mind. It helps in cutting down cost if used efficiently. Even customization is also possible with Papelless. A vendor can customize the bill and can select the data he requires. Every vendor will be given a special QR code. The system will be integrated with a barcode scanner. It becomes very easy to store and manage the billing system. Since, bills are now not to be maintained in physical form, their handling becomes easy. It can be efficiently managed online. The most important benefit of opting Papelless is that it will help in saving environment. It will reduce the use of paper to the great extent. After completion of every transaction, consumer will get a summary message about his or her total bill along with the name of shop from where the purchase has been made.

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The team of Papelless has also taken one more amazing initiative. They have decided to plant 10 trees on every registration they get. This is a very thoughtful initiative that any corporate can undertake.

So why not go paperless and bring a big wide smile on the face of environment!


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Mr. Gaurav A. Jain

CEO & Founder 
Yagaero technologies Services Pvt. Ltd


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