China Rebuffs and Calls the Accusations Based on Harvard Medical School Research “Ridiculous”

Not so long ago, rumors were circling around the whole COVID-19 Origin, when did it all start and what is China hiding by clearly fidgeting with the Timeline. With almost every country coping with massive economic losses and emotional unrest is now seeking answers about why this was not reported before it became such a Global Pandemic!

Recently US President Donald Trump along with several leaders hailing from various countries have slammed China for not being explicit about reporting such a perilous disease. Many acclaimed research findings have concluded that the novel Coronavirus may have been started in August or September 2019 but there was no heed being given to this by China.

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All these claims recently started resurfacing again and were fuelled when US President “Donald Trump” has taken over his twitter account and officially slammed China by releasing a tweet about a study by Harvard Medical School which hints the outrageous cover-up by China when Coronavirus Cases started surfacing.

The study is based on satellite images of hospital travel patterns and search engine traffic for certain terms has claimed that the Novel Coronavirus havoc in Wuhan might have started months before then the first Case being officially reported to WHO by China.

 satellite images wuhan harvard.v1

The research finding entails 111 satellite images from January 2018 to April 2020 and saw a burgeoning increase in volume starting from August 2019 and reaching its zenith in December. Between September and October 2019 there was a surging symptom-related search queries like “Cough” and “Diarrhea” being found on the search engines. In December the search queries skyrocketed stating that “Diarrhea” switched from a 400 relative search volume in 2018 to 600 in December 2019.

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In short, the study is based on two things-the data churned from symptom-related queries on search engines and satellite imagery of hospital parking lots in China’s Wuhan city- where the first Coronavirus outbreak was reported.

According to the Harvard research which was posted online as a preprint stated that,

In August, we identify a unique increase in searches for diarrhea which was neither seen in previous flu seasons nor mirrored in the cough search data,”.

Also, there is a huge decrease in Hospital Volume and symptom-related queries data after the Country went under a Lockdown in the City of Wuhan. And according to the findings of the research which is strongly supported by eminent shreds of evidence shows that the Coronavirus started before official identification at the Huanan Seafood market. Also, these findings are apt to support our research that the Virus started in Southern China and was spreading massively before the first the Wuhan case was reported.

Obviously, China has rebuffed such claims and dismissed the report as “Ridiculous”. Also, China has taken swift moves to prove that they had not covered-up or concocted theories regarding the Outbreak.

China, three weeks ago along with WHO has given a green signal to an independent international investigation into the origins of the Coronavirus. What comes more shocking is that on June 4 Associated Press report reported that the country genuinely delayed sharing the virus’ Genomic sequence.

Also, during a press release, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said that,

I think it is ridiculous, incredibly ridiculous, to come up with this conclusion based on superficial observations such as traffic volume.

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China has put a great emphasis on its role of informing at the right time by snubbing all such accusations of hiding pandemic pivotal details along with morbidity and mortality statistics. Recently, China’s State Council Information Office in Beijing released a report of pandemic events stating all the new finding of the Coronavirus Origin,

China claims that “They from the beginning of the Outbreak has informed the rest of the world about every development on the subject of Pandemic in clear and unambiguous terms. Various countries ignored this information, and now blame China for their failure to respond to the epidemic and protect their people’s lives

China should know that releasing a statement will not shift its accountability and the role they played in this Pandemic until and unless an unbiased investigation report proves what they claim!

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