Trump has spent 74 lakh crores to deal with Corona. Announced relief package of Rs. 18.5 lakh crore. Will go directly to the account of americans

Coronavirus has so far taken 167 countries under its effect. All 50 states of the US are vulnerable. In the US alone, 105 deaths have occurred so far. It has called for a relief package in the Trump government to deal with the epidemic and provide relief to the people. The amount of this relief package will be between 62.90 lakh crore and 74 lakh crore rupees. On Tuesday itself, US Treasury Secretary Steven Newchan gave a statement that if the relief package is not released, the unemployment rate will increase by 20 percent.

According to official figures, who will get this package?

37 lakh crore to 40 lakh crore rupees as direct payment and tax cutting
Rs 14.8 lakh crore to Rs 22.2 lakh crore as small business assistant
And Rs 3.7 lakh crore to 7.4 lakh crore will be given to the airline and other industries

The White House officially stated that 18.5 lakh crore rupees will go directly into the pocket of Americans. At the same time, Newchan also said on Tuesday that the administration wants to reach this fund soon. Newchan told the press conference at the White House that the people of America urgently need cash and it will be delivered to the people in the coming two weeks. Those receiving the funds include billionaires living here.

The White House will soon discuss this with the Congress, as well as this will be taken care of, it should take care of the industries as well as the common people and workers. The administration has also formulated a clear strategy for the airline industry. Trump and Newchan have also taken care of the cruise and hotel industries stalled due to Corona.

Trump said in a press conference that we do not want the job of our airline industry to come to a standstill and because of this, people become unemployed, so we want to take bigger, better and concrete steps for the people.

However, Senator. Tom Udall, a New Mexico Democrat, has made it clear that any assistance to industries, especially workers, should be met with significant assistance. There is already a dispute in Congress about paying in a second coronavirus relief bill, which is yet to be passed by the Senate. He further stated that – any economic relief should depend on the benefits to the employees and their families and not to the CEO and shareholders ”.

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