Importance of Co-Founder For An Entrepreneur

In the video shared here, a lion is overwhelmed by around 20 hyenas, but the balance changes completely when one more lion shows up.
We often believe that we alone can accomplish everything. While personal belief and action is essential, it helps to have people around you who are part of your vision or at least understand it.
They might be friends, employees, investors or partners. They act like force multipliers and ensure that we do not get too overwhelmed by setbacks (or hyenas) , which can happen to anyone.
During such challenging times is when your well-wishers, co-founders, partners act as buffers from the numerous issues that are part and parcel of every entrepreneur’s journey.
No matter how much of a lion you consider yourself to be, devote some time in building meaningful personal and business relationships with the people around you. Help them wherever possible and you can rest assured knowing that help is available to you too.

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