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It feels delightful to know that people remember you in the time of their need – Akmal Ali Khan

Akmal Ali Khan was elected as the 4th president of the students’ union in Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad.  He always wanted to do good for others and he had those leadership qualities as well. He had great communication skills, integrity, self – awareness, ability to learn new things according to the needs and gratitude. 


Other than this he had a clarity in his vision, that what are the goals that he wanted to achieve after he came into power.

He is also decisive. Once he makes up his mind what he wants to do, what steps need to be taken, he doesn’t hesitate to do so.

He is courageous and ready to do it all without hesitating for a moment about anything. And ofcourse he was passionate about his goal to become the president and do it all for the well-being of the people. 


He has brilliant communication skills, undoubtedly he is a great speaker and those skills worked in his favour and he was successful to touch the heart of students. Students found it in him that he is true towards his goals and would work in the favour of the students to make it a better place as there is always room for improvement. 


He kept upto the expectations of each one of those who believed in him. He is a soft hearted person and he even does a lot of social work to help those in need. He wants to serve as a helping hand to those in need. He always stands by the place of need. He is one of those people whom others remember when they need help.

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