Kiran Mazumdar: The Lady behind the success of Biocon Ltd

Kiran Mazumdar was born in the year 1853 on March 23. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the chairman and also the managing director of the company that is Biocon Limited. This company is the largest listed biotechnology company in the country and is based in Bangalore. She is also the chairperson of IIM Bangalore at present. On September 2014, her net worth was calculated and it came out to be around 1.2 billion dollars and she then became the country’s 81st richest person and her ranking in the world was that of 92 of being the richest.

Other than that, she is also an honorary member of the council on trade and industry of the prime minister in India and also the United States India CEO forum. Kiran being the member of such organizations has always been active in playing her role effectively and also done a lot of things which have acted in the favor of the country for its betterment as well as a whole. Being a businesswoman, Kiran is also admiring a lot to Indra Nooyl because the methods and approaches she uses or used in the past to transform Pepsi into a fast food organization are quite inspiring.

Kiran is married to Scotsman John and she loves art and has a huge collection of paintings and various other artworks. She is also very fond of creative writing and she has written a lot of books as well. one of the most famous books she has ever written is Ale and Arty which is a book based on the story of Beer. She was born in a Gujarati Family in Bangalore and she completed her college and schooling from Bangalore only from Bishop Cotton Girl’s High School and Mount Carmel College.

Her father is the head brewmaster at the United Breweries and is Rasendra Mazumdar. It was he who inspired her to study fermentation science and also trained her to become a brewmaster. In 1974, when she had fewer options in hand, she got entrance into Ballarat College of Advanced Education which is located in the country of Australia. She had graduated in zoology from the University of Bangalore and had a virtue of getting into a medical school because she wanted to become a doctor. However, she was not able to get a scholarship for the same. So, at the college in Australia, she studied brewing and malting and then she turned out to be the only woman who had taken this course in that college. Others were all male. However, as ambitious as she was, this probably did not stop her from achieving anything.

Her wisdom, talent, and thoughtfulness, all combined and put together have brought her till here and she has great virtues to go ahead with the same. Her plans are nowhere to stop and she continues to take new roles all through her journey to contribute in all the ways she can. Her success story is sure an inspiration for a lot of us out there.

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