Amidst The Pandemic Know How To Keep Your Focus And Stopping To Lose Control


Every morning when your alarm goes off and you jump out of bed for work. With the daily grind of work, it is important to stay positive.

This article will broaden your mind that would help to develop skills naturally. Keeping a positive attitude doesn’t mean a smiling face, it goes beyond your face to your heart and soul. It makes you see a life full of possibilities.

Whereas negative attitude promotes fear, stress, and diminish your focus on work. Ultimately, it becomes a war with self.

Thinking affects your mental health. Positive thinking healthily stimulates the body. It has many physical and mental benefits. Being optimistic elevate your mood, boost energy, confidence level, and shows positive aspects of life.

Does a positive outlook come from positive thinking?

Remez Sasson has a good description of positive thinking

“Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.

Positive thinking transforms with an optimistic outlook. Our mind becomes an abode of negative thinking more easily than the positive ones. And when you have tons of workload, you always want to keep all those negativities at the shore and focus on your task. Life is challenging, but the way of approach to certain problems with determination and positive confidence makes the difference. You can conquer every obstacle you encounter. Thinking positively brings a positive attitude that makes one believe in their abilities and confidence.

Negativity never lifted anyone. It makes life miserable and prone to stress and depression. Surrounding yourself with optimistic people encourages you to reach the stars. Positivity always seeks positivity, Hence, having a positive mindset will always help to achieve your goals and make the best out of situations you come across.

Here are some tips that will improve your focus and have a positive outlook at your workplace:

Create a routine for the day.

The moment you wake up, create a routine for the entire day by listing out important tasks, and get achieve them. It makes your day flexible and keeps you focused. Frequent breaks between work can motivate and refresh your mind. At the end of each day, you will be prepared for the next one. Every morning buckle up with a routine and start your day.

Healthy Relationship

A workplace can be more fun and positive if you are surrounded by positive and friendly people. It is not necessary to involve in their personal lives but creating good relationships with co-workers, bosses, associates make the surrounding healthy and more inviting. Having a friendly community at work reduce stress levels and keeps you focused on duties. If you will be nice to people then they will pay you back with respect and gratitude. Be generous to everyone at the workplace, that would uplift the company as well.

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Learn from mistakes

Study yourself and learn from mistakes. After completing a project, take a break and return, think about the mistakes you did and learn from them. Learning from mistakes keeps you move forward. Those lessons will help you to make plans and strategies for future projects. Mistakes are unavoidable, instead of mourning, transform them into lessons and get back to your future projects.                  

Keep the workplace tidy

Keep your surrounding tidy, be it the cubicle, table, classroom, or office. Keep posters, flowers, or those things that fascinate you. It will keep you motivated throughout the clock. Sitting in that environment will bring positive ideas and keep you more focused. The study says, surrounded by objects you love will keep your mind healthy and full of positivity. If you feel alienated from what you are doing then, change the wallpaper, bring a family photo, reorder the desks and make it comfortable and feel like your own.


Smile reduces stress and lowers heart rate. Even if you fake a smile, it will trick the brain by confronting that the situation is ideal. It brings positivity in you even if the work is wrong and hence you can focus more on improving rather than raging and dealing with stress. Smile at your co-workers, that not only uplift your mood by theirs as well. Smile even if you don’t want to. Next time when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere tries to take a deep breath and practice smiling instead of raging and beating your desk.

Back and Neck Pain

Sitting for a long time causes discomfort. If you hear cracking sounds in your neck and back then it is a serious issue. It is important to keep a good posture while you are working. Taking a short break may not be useful since it is temporary relief. Buy a new chair or adjust your table that makes you comfortable. Overall it will improve your balance, stimulate productivity, and comfortability while you work.

Celebrate Small Victories

Sometimes achieving smaller goals can be overwhelming than larger ones. Celebrate whatever you achieve be it small or large. Pat yourself and reward yourself with something you love may be a dinner or a movie would do. Instead of beating and cursing yourself for the mistakes, you will be proud and delighted. This keeps workers motivated and striving for more. There will be progress rather than a constant workload.                                             

Long Terms

Always focus on long term achievements. Short terms last for a while. Long terms goals are challenging and keep yourself engaged for a long. On the other hand, short terms are heavy on emotion but that energy and enthusiasm don’t last for long. A bigger picture always reveals tremendous outcomes.

Control over Languages

Try to use positive and encouraging words while you work. Being optimistic towards co-workers helps to create a positive environment. While asking for help or favor, be polite to others. The mood will help to accomplish the task. Swear less, make less commitment, be certain of those words you use. This may be a smaller aspect to look into but maybe a little but it also uplifts the mind in a positive way.

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Transform your thoughts

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. It is obvious that we get negative thoughts more easily than positive ones. The inner feelings tend to demotivate you. Whenever you are into these, stop, take a moment, deeply breathe, and jot down those thoughts. Transform those thoughts into positive ones. For example, if you think that “I shouldn’t have tried that” transform it into “I will practice more to make it better next time”.                             

Seize opportunities

Always keep an attitude to grind more. Take up every opportunity that comes. Be it promotions, projects, training, or mentoring. Stepping out of the comfort zone will boost your confidence level and reduce negativity. Meet new people, learn from them. Remember the more you give the more you get. It also supports skills acquisition, improves problem solving and presence of mind. Seize opportunities will add experiences and a greater chance of a successful career ahead.                                             

Don’t get influenced

Do not rely on others. Carry a positive attitude within you. Work on yourself and improve every day. People tend to demotivate and pull you down if you are on the verge of success. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and believe in you. Stay away from co-workers who bring negative energy, which leads to stress and weak job performances. Make your workspace filled with optimism.

Outcomes of a positive outlook

Apart from progressing your career cultivating a positive mindset benefits in another way. It improves your health and helps to handle stress and anxiety. According to experts, it increases the human lifespan and minimizes depression. It keeps people away from diseases and overall it enhances the physical and psychological well-being of a human body. It also reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases, which are more common in adults. A healthy workplace will always keep a healthy body. In short, you will start to see the positive aspects of life that would keep everybody happy and carefree.

Maintaining Positivity

These are some strategies that will keep you to improve your focus and have a positive outlook at your workplace.                

  1. Determine your thoughts

It is a slow change, take small steps, and retrain your thinking habits, be more positive towards it. In the end, take some time and analyze yourself. This helps during meetings and discussions; an optimistic mindset always drives you towards success and appreciation.

  1. Self-Care

A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. Take an optimum amount of sleep. Take out time in the morning for exercise and meditation. This will help to start your day full of positive energy. It boosts the confidence level to tackle all the activities that will come to you throughout the day.

  1. Boost your mood
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Practice some stress release activities. The most common and effective way is to listen to songs or play games. Take a short break from your work and listen to songs or read some pages of a book. You can also meet your co-workers and joke around. It makes your heart overwhelming and keeps you to engage in work.

  1. Appreciate

Appreciate and motivate your co-workers. Never underestimate smalls things in life, good morning, random compliments, or apologies. Either receiving or offering, smalls things matters a lot in life.                                   

  1. Look for good things

Every day try to carry positive thoughts to your workplace. Seek for all the good things happening around, challenge your negative thoughts. Reframe thoughts whenever you see any flaws or negative thinking. Keeping a positive mindset every day is not easy. But as mentioned earlier, it is a slow process and can be improved over time.                                         

Closing Thoughts

Now, we come to the end of the long thread and it might enlighten you on the importance of positive thinking and how to improve focus and be positive at your workplace. Take this message and list down the ways to keep a positive attitude and figure out on your own and work upon them. It will put a crucial impact on your workplace and career. Additionally, it gives an optimistic vibe to the life around you.

While you have a voluminous workload and pressure, it is important to aware of your work environment and routine. This little summary will give you a brief insight into the end:

  1. Keep your workplace, a place of comfort, and tidy.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people, which optimizes your productivity and encourages you to reach the stars.
  3. Celebrate small victories and rewards yourself frequently, it keeps you striving for more.
  4. Participate in stress-free activities, be it exercise, meditation, or reading a good book. Do whatever that keeps your mind healthy and carefree.
  5. Take short breaks during work. Energize yourself and get back to work with full enthusiasm.
  6. Appreciate and respect your co-workers. Use polite language that creates a positive environment around you.
  7. Seize every opportunity you find. Push yourself out of the comfort zone and take risks. Explore every bit of the universe, it will boost your confidence level and keep you determined.
  8. Focus on long term goals, they are challenging and it will engage you to work. Accomplishing longer goals gives experiences and are often overwhelming.
  9. Smile often. Smile at everybody you see around. It will free you from stress and help to keep you a positive attitude.

I hope you find the article worth investing time. Remember you are the one with the power. Ultimately you will drive yourself. Keep your chin up and be step up every morning with a positive mindset. Good Luck!


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