Coronavirus Lockdown: Startup Unicorn Udaan With Billions Of Funding & Valuation Fires more than 50% staff

Udaan, a start-up has fired more than half of its employees as it is undergoing a huge amount of losses during the corona virus lockdown phase. Employees who were fired were given a contract too. Most of the employees who were fired belonged to the sales division. Udaan claims to be the country’s largest distribution platform in the B2B segment. It supplies goods directly to retailers and traders from producers, brands, white labels, and importers. Even when it is an emerging company and is in everyone’s good books, it went ahead with this brutal step.

Does an employee deserve to be fired via mail?

The company issued a statement stating that it is in the right shape in view of the. The company also claimed that it has fired employees because it did not have any other option. The company last week informed all employees about being fired from their personal e-mails. However, of all the employees who were fired had an on-roll role in the company.

More than 200 employees fired from Bengaluru

On April 24, the official twitter account of Udaan claimed that they have fired over 200 employees overnight. They need to cut down the cost for the quarter in order to actually go ahead and make some revenue.  The employees were fired without any notice. Why is this actually happening? Aren’t companies actually prepared for contingencies? Government regulations regarding not firing the employees haven’t been followed either. Guess what? Maybe the company was also waiting for the actual measures to be announced by the government but they had to take this step.

When the conditions go downhill, the person lowest in the hierarchy always gets the kick!

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