Every country Americans need a visa to visit – and how hard it is to get one

  • Visa policies vary from country to country.
  • Some countries require Americans to secure a visa in advance of their arrival, while others allow Americans to get a visa on arrival or don’t require visas at all.
  • In the graphic below, see every country Americans need a visa to visit, and how difficult it is to obtain.

Before you go on any international trip, you’ll need to do some research about the visa requirements of your destination country.
There are a few different ways visas are offered. Some countries offer Americans a visa on arrival, meaning you won’t have to apply for a visa in advance; you’ll simply get yours at customs after you land.
Other countries require Americans to get a visa – in their passports or electronically – before arrival. And there are several countries that are visa-free for Americans, meaning your passport is enough to get you through the airport.
Consult the graphic below to see what the visa policy is for each country. Countries that are colored gray don’t require Americans to have a visa, while the dark blue countries offer visas on arrival and the light blue countries require visas in advance.
If your destination requires a visa in advance, make sure you visit the US State Department website to find the specific requirements and start the application process, which varies by country.
Source: Business Insider
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