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JSW Ventures fully exits Purplle, sells stake to Manipal Group’s Ranjan Pai

JSW Ventures fully exits Purplle, sells stake to Manipal Group’s Ranjan Pai

JSW Ventures confirmed the complete divestment of its shareholding in Purplle, an e-commerce platform specializing in beauty and personal care products, with the entire shareholding sold to Ranjan Pai of the Manipal Group. The venture capital fund made the announcement on October 30, indicating the finalization of the deal.

This development follows a prior report by Moneycontrol, which disclosed that Ranjan Pai, a prominent billionaire investor, had entered into an agreement to acquire JSW Ventures’ shares in Purplle at a valuation ranging between Rs 60-70 crore.

JSW Ventures sells part of its holding in e-commerce firm Purplle to ...

Notably, this transaction marks the second instance within a short span of five months where JSW Ventures has opted to offload its shares in Purplle. In an earlier move back in May, the venture capital fund had divested a portion of its stake to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), yielding a remarkable 18X return on its initial investment, as previously reported. The series of transactions underscores the successful investment journey of JSW Ventures in Purplle, indicating the significant value created through its strategic involvement and timely divestment decisions.

The recent transactions, collectively amounting to approximately $40 million, have resulted in significant gains for JSW Ventures, underscoring the lucrative nature of their investment in Purplle. According to data from Tracxn, a leading provider of private markets information, JSW Ventures initially invested an estimated sum of around Rs 12 crore in Purplle back in 2016.

Dr.Ranjan Pai, welcoming Columbia Asia team into Manipal family ...

In a statement released by the company, JSW Ventures confirmed the complete divestment of their stake in Purplle from Fund I, highlighting the substantial returns generated for their investors. The statement emphasized that the divestment has resulted in an impressive 2.7 times return on the fund size, showcasing the fund’s successful investment strategy and its ability to generate robust returns for its investors within a relatively short timeframe. This remarkable performance not only underscores the inherent potential within the e-commerce sector, particularly in segments such as beauty and personal care, but also serves as a testament to the fund’s strong investment acumen and its ability to identify and capitalize on promising opportunities within the dynamic and rapidly evolving startup landscape.

Sachin Tagra, the Managing Partner at JSW Ventures, expressed satisfaction with the performance of their investment in Purplle, highlighting the company’s significant growth trajectory and impressive financial returns. Tagra revealed that Purplle was one of the earliest investments made by the fund in 2016, delivering an impressive 57 percent Internal Rate of Return (IRR), a notable indicator of the strong profitability and success of the investment.

Established in 2012, has emerged as a prominent player in the e-commerce space, offering a diverse array of over 1,000 brands and nearly 50,000 products through its online platform. The company’s expansive product range and comprehensive digital presence have contributed to its substantial growth and market influence within the beauty and personal care segment.

Apart from JSW Ventures, has also garnered support and investment from various other prominent entities in the financial sector, including domestic private equity firm Kedaara Capital, global financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs, and a host of other strategic investors, underscoring the company’s strong market positioning and widespread recognition within the investment community. This collaborative support from a diverse group of investors further validates the company’s promising prospects and its potential for sustained growth and expansion within the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.

Ranjan Pai, Chairman of the Manipal Group, commended the innovative vision and unwavering commitment of the Purplle team, acknowledging their pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of how Indian consumers explore and engage with beauty products through a dynamic digital ecosystem. Expressing enthusiasm for the journey ahead, Pai emphasized the group’s excitement in being part of Purplle’s continued growth and expansion, underscoring the company’s significant potential for further innovation and market disruption within the beauty and personal care sector.

JSW Ventures, on the other hand, is an early-stage institutional venture capital fund operated by the family office of the JSW Group. The fund specializes in making strategic investments in technology-driven startups at the Pre-Series A to Series A stages, focusing on identifying and supporting promising ventures across various sectors, including consumer technology, health technology, business-to-business (B2B) solutions, agricultural technology (agritech), financial technology (fintech), and enterprise software as a service (SaaS) companies. With its broad investment mandate and commitment to fostering the growth of innovative and disruptive startups, JSW Ventures continues to play a significant role in nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and contributing to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies and solutions across diverse industries.



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