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MP assembly polls: 2489 candidates file nomination papers across state on last day

MP assembly polls: 2489 candidates file nomination papers across state on last day

The recently concluded nomination process for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh assembly polls witnessed a significant surge in political participation, with a total of 2,489 candidates submitting 2,811 nomination papers across the state on the final day of the nomination period. This robust engagement from various political contenders reflects the heightened activity and competition in the electoral landscape of Madhya Pradesh.

Of particular note is the active participation of 121 candidates from seven assembly constituencies in the state capital, Bhopal, who filed their nomination papers on the last day, highlighting the significant political interest and competitiveness within the region.

MP assembly polls: 2489 candidates file nomination papers across state ...

Anupam Rajan, the Chief Electoral Officer, provided insights into the nomination process, emphasizing that the submission of nomination papers for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2023 commenced on October 21 and concluded on October 30. The substantial number of nomination papers—2,811 in total—submitted by the candidates across all 230 assembly constituencies of the state on the final day underscores the extensive political engagement and the widespread interest in contesting the upcoming assembly elections.

The significant number of candidates and nomination papers submitted during this period sets the stage for a competitive electoral landscape in Madhya Pradesh and signifies the diverse array of political voices and choices available to the electorate in the forthcoming assembly polls.

MP Elections 2023: 2489 Candidates File Nomination Papers Across State ...

The recent nomination filings for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh state assembly elections have seen notable participation from key political figures. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath submitted his nomination papers from Chindwara on October 26, showcasing his continued engagement in the state’s political landscape. Similarly, the incumbent Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan filed his nomination on the final day, October 30, from his traditional constituency of Budhni, highlighting the significance of this electoral event for both major political parties in the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer further provided an overview of the overall nomination process, indicating that a total of 3,832 candidates have submitted 4,359 nomination papers during the period from October 21 to October 30. The significant number of nomination papers reflects the robust political engagement and heightened interest in the state’s electoral processes, setting the stage for a closely contested and dynamic electoral environment in the upcoming assembly polls.

The upcoming scrutiny of the nomination papers on October 31, followed by the last date for the withdrawal of nominations on November 2, will mark critical phases in the electoral process, shaping the final roster of candidates for the state assembly polls. As the electoral process continues to unfold, the collective participation and interest exhibited by various political figures and parties underscore the significance of the forthcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh.

The detailed breakdown of the nominations from various constituencies in Bhopal provides a comprehensive picture of the active political engagement within the region. Among the notable statistics, 17 candidates filed nominations for the Berasia assembly seat, 22 candidates for the Bhopal Uttar seat, 14 nominations for the Narela seat, 16 for the Bhopal Dakshin-Paschim seat, 21 for the Bhopal Madhya seat, 19 for the Govindpura Assembly seat, and 12 nominations filed for the Huzur Assembly seat on the last day of the nomination period. This diverse representation of candidates from various constituencies underscores the dynamic political environment and the multi-faceted interests within the city of Bhopal.

Madhya Pradesh stands as one of the key states scheduled to hold elections this year, alongside four other states. The state’s upcoming elections, scheduled to occur in a single phase on November 17, will see voters choosing legislators from 230 Assembly constituencies. The subsequent counting of votes is slated to take place on December 3, marking a crucial milestone in the democratic process and the determination of the state’s political landscape for the foreseeable future. The comprehensive electoral schedule highlights the significance of the upcoming polls and underscores the critical role of voter participation in shaping the state’s governance and policy direction.



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