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Sonam Kapoor’s Legal Notice To YouTuber; What Is Sonam Kapoor’s Claim To Fame?

The ever-graceful Sonam Kapoor, the beacon of humility and wit, has decided to send a legal notice to a YouTuber for daring to crack jokes about her. 

The horror! How dare someone have the audacity to jest about her Highness, the daughter of Anil Kapoor, the great benefactor of Bollywood nepotism!

Sonam Kapoor took legal action against a YouTuber who poked fun at some of the remarks she made in one of her videos; the notice was prompted by a video posted by content creator Raginyy, which Sonam Kapoor claims has had a negative impact on her reputation, as well as that of her husband, Anand Ahuja, and their fashion brands. 

It appears that the ‘Aisha’ actress is now collaborating with legal representation to actively address issues like defamatory comments, online harassment, and unfavourable reviews on the internet.

Sonam Kapoor, Anand Ahuja

Raginyy promptly shared the legal notice on her Instagram and YouTube accounts, accompanied by the caption “She who must not be named.”

According to the notice, the content in question is allegedly illegally uploaded content belonging to their client, Ms. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. 

The notice emphasizes that these actions were not authorized by Sonam Kapoor and her team, and it insists that the reported link be removed while preventing the platform from being used for such activities in the future.

Furthermore, the notice warns the YouTuber that failure to comply with the request may lead to Sonam Kapoor taking necessary actions to protect her reputation.

Raginyy, in her defense, explained that the video in question revolved around some unwise statements made by Sonam Kapoor, asserting that while the video did highlight these statements, it also pointed out that everyone makes silly remarks from time to time, and her intention was not to insult but to offer a lighthearted perspective.

Raginyy, with 6,000 YouTube subscribers at the time of receiving the notice, expressed that she lacks the resources and time to confront such a powerful figure through legal means.

The news of this legal notice quickly spread on social media, with many individuals criticizing Sonam Kapoor and arguing that the roast video was not offensive in nature.

The Enigmatic Sonam Kapoor

Let’s look into the enigmatic persona of Sonam Kapoor, shall we? 

First and foremost, we must acknowledge the tremendous hardships Sonam Kapoor has faced in her life; growing up in a family with money and fame is a burden few can comprehend.

You see, this is a woman who happens to be the daughter of the illustrious Anil Kapoor, and she has spent her life amidst the luxuries of wealth and fame. The distinction between individuals who earn their place and those who inherit it without lifting a finger couldn’t be starker.

Her maiden voyage into the film industry was under the able directorship of Sanjay Leela Bhansali; quite the break for someone who primarily owes her entry to the silver screen to the mere fact of being Anil Kapoor’s daughter. 

She had the privilege of sharing the screen with Ranbir Kapoor, a scion of the Kapoor film dynasty. Their dalliance, albeit brief, ended when Deepika Padukone made her entrance; one might think such romantic entanglements would be beneath someone of her stature.

And who could forget her memorable interactions with the media?

Sonam Kapoor once fondly referred to Aishwarya Rai as “Aunty” due to her association with Anil Kapoor, a charming gesture indeed; this prompted a heated exchange with a member of the press, a spectacle one can conveniently find on YouTube.

She’s also known for her candid views on physical appearance and acting. According to her, non-attractive people can make great actors; at least she’s refreshingly forthright about her own acting capabilities, or the lack thereof.

Now, Sonam proudly identifies herself as “Shopaholic” and adorns herself with fashionable attire, deeming herself a style icon. 

No qualms there, right? But when she struts in these chic outfits and engages with the media, one can’t help but notice an air of superiority, as if she were the reigning queen of Hollywood rather than a Bollywood actress.

The film industry, she notes, isn’t about looks but acting skills. While it’s true that she can transform into a glamorous Barbie doll with the right wardrobe and makeup, talent must coexist with humility to endure in this realm.

Now, as for her marriage to Anand Ahuja, let’s not overlook her statement that “Indian men don’t understand fashion unless they are gay.” So, does this mean Karan Johar has better fashion sense than Hrithik, Shahid, Saif, John, and others? Because, you know, your sexual orientation somehow dictates your fashion sense. It’s truly enlightening.

She’s also known for referring to Aishwarya Rai as an “aunty from another generation” due to their professional ties. But this logic raises questions. Shouldn’t Salman Khan be addressed as “uncle” given his longer association with Anil Kapoor and his seniority over Aishwarya?

In a rather perplexing claim, Sonam insists that she’s considered an icon in her 20s, whereas others achieve such status in their 40s or posthumously. 

The question that arises is, an icon of what? Nepotism, perhaps? It’s the only plausible answer.

In one of her most remarkable revelations, she states, “If you are not good looking, you are considered a good actor.” Applause to her for openly admitting that she doesn’t consider herself a good actor.

Her penchant for taking jabs at fellow actresses is another facet of her persona; from claiming Deepika has no style of her own to suggesting that Shobha De writes porn, and a fossil going through menopause, Oh My,  Sonam doesn’t hold back.

But Sonam Kapoor isn’t just an expert in fashion and acting; she also dabbles in medicine; despite having just a high school education, she’s pretty good at diagnosing illnesses. Move over, doctors; there’s a new medical genius in town!

And here are some of her more intriguing and illogical statements:

  • “Indian men don’t understand fashion unless they are gay.”
  • “I have taken the risk of dating people who are not successful on paper as much as I am, and those relationships haven’t worked because of ego clashes.”


  • “What’s your hidden talent? I can diagnose diseases. I haven’t studied medicine, I’m a high school graduate, but I am pretty good at diagnosing illnesses.”
  • “The thing about the industry is that if you’re not good looking, then you’re a good actor.”
  • When asked about who everyone should follow on Instagram, she boldly declared, “Me!”


  • Regarding how she got her first movie and her initial refusal followed by acceptance, she remarked, “Why should I be the puppet when I can be the puppeteer.”
  • She disavowed any attempt to gain public sympathy by recounting her family’s background or struggles. Unlike those who claim they came from certain families, gave 5,000 auditions, and didn’t have money to eat and sleep, she dismisses such tales as nonsense.

  • She disclosed the budget of her film “Aisha,” stating they completed it for a mere 12 crores.
  • In comparing herself to Deepika Padukone in their early careers, she asserted that while Deepika focused on commercial films, she pursued those with both commercial viability and artistic expression.

With all this in mind, one might wonder what Sonam Kapoor has accomplished to justify her seemingly boundless pride. 

Is she a fashionista, a fashion influencer, or an actor? 

The answer is none of the above; she’s a product of nepotism, and while that might not be her fault, a little humility and gratitude wouldn’t go amiss. 

Regrettably, these qualities are conspicuously absent in her character. 

Her penchant for making misguided and often unkind remarks about others only adds to the mystique of Sonam Kapoor. 

So, why, oh why, the world may wonder, does she carry herself with such arrogance? Perhaps we’ll never know. Oh, and that title of “Fashionista” she proudly wears? Well, you can thank her sister, Rhea Kapoor, for that.

Sonam Kapoor’s inflated ego seems to know no bounds; she’s a product of nepotism, and she should be grateful, but alas, grace and humility are not her strong suits. 

She’s neither graceful nor down to earth, and her mean-spirited remarks about others are a testament to her character.

So, when it comes to the grand scheme of things, we must tip our hats to Sonam Kapoor for being a shining example of humility, intelligence, and kindness in the world of Bollywood; truly, she is a treasure we should all aspire to emulate.


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