The Math Behind Online Casino Bonuses

The Math Behind Online Casino Bonuses

Every online casino bonus might appear to be a great deal at first glance. The online casino makes it look like they are providing it to you for free. However, that is not the case.

Sure, some of the bonus deals that are provided by the casino are good. But some are not as good as they appear to be. The best way to judge a casino bonus is to compare them with others. However, for this, you will have to do some research and know some advanced math.

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No, don’t get anxious about using mathematics to find out if a bonus is good enough. By the time you finish reading the article, you will know which bonus is good enough for you. So, let’s proceed.

  1. Edge and Return

A majority of the gamblers think that the edge or return to player percentage of the game they are playing has nothing to do with the bonus, to compare the casino bonuses India, you need to start with these numbers. House edge plays a significant role when it comes to the bonus. However, if you have an idea about the return percentage, you will be able to decide on the house edge.

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When you know the return percentage of a game, just subtract it from 100% to get the game’s house advantage. To learn about the expected loss, you can just multiply the total amount you will get along with the house edge.

  1. Bonus Type and Rules

Online casinos provide different types of bonuses. However, a majority of them are deposit bonuses. Thus, you have to make a deposit to claim the bonus.

There are two different types of bonuses. A few of them allow you to cash out the bonus after you clear it and others subtract the bonus money before cashing out. But we are only going to discuss the cashable bonus.

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To know what kind of bonus the site is offering, you will have to read the rules. The terms and conditions might have some crucial details that you need to know for using advanced math and comparing the offers. The primary terms you need to look for are the amount of money you have to wager to clear the bonus and whether it is a part of multiple bonuses or a standalone bonus.

  1. The Math for Possible Profit from the Bonus

It is time for the calculations. Using the details you collect, you have to use a mathematical formula for judging how much any casino bonus is worth.

The formula is to multiply the house edge with the amount you have to bet for clearing the bonus. Thereafter, you have to subtract it from the bonus amount. If the outcome is positive, you can make a profit from the bonus. But if the outcome is negative, you might lose all the bonus amount and some of the deposit before clearing the bonus.

For instance, you are playing roulette with a house edge of 0.5%. The bonus is $200 on a deposit of $200 for a total bankroll of $400. The terms show that you will have to play the bonus and deposit a total of 50x for clearing it.

$400 times 50 is a total of $20000. If you multiply the house edge by 0.5% times $20000, it will give you an expected loss of $100.

The bonus is worth $200 and as you subtract $1000, you get a potential profit of $100. So, it can be taken to be an incredible roulette bonus. If you find one like this, you should definitely jump at the opportunity.

Let’s take a look at another example.

You are playing the same roulette game with a house edge of 0.5%. The bonus terms are 100% times the deposit and the bonus. You deposit $200 and get a bonus of $100. Multiply $400 times 100 for a total wagering requirement of $40000. The edge of 0.5% will give you $400. The bonus is worth $200, so the expected loss is $200 more than the bonus.

This is how any deposit bonus works. The math tends to get easier when you get the hang of it. But you should run the numbers for every online casino bonus that you come across.

The Math behind Return to Player Percentage

Every casino game comes with a return to player percentage.  It just shows the amount of your bet you are going to win back. The return to player percentage of every game and option is secured using match. It does not matter if the casino game you are playing uses cards or dice. The gambling games are always math-based.

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Finding the casino games and bet options, which have the highest return to player percentage is a good way to improve your results. For instance, if you are playing slots with an RTP of 94%, you are going to lose a higher percentage of each dollar you are risking than if you play a roulette game with an RTP of 98%.

It is time-consuming and difficult to decide the RTP for the casino games. However, you should know how the numbers are calculated. You just have to learn the numbers for the game that you would like to play.

Bottom Line

When you evaluate the online casino bonuses, you have to start with some simple numbers. Use the terms and conditions of the bonus along with the edge and return to player percentage of the game to compare various bonus offers. You will find that a majority of the bonus offers are almost the same. Nevertheless, once in a blue moon, you might come across a bonus, which leaves some room for you to make a profit.

So, make sure you run the numbers for each bonus to find out if it is worth it to invest the money and claim the offer. As you run the numbers, you will know what you are getting into and if you are making some real profit.

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