Top 10 Best Video Production Companies In India 2022

Top 10 Best Video Production Companies In India 2022

Brochures and other advertising mediums are used by companies to promote their brands. Entrepreneurs seek help from the best editing companies to market their businesses as effectively as possible in modern times.

Since the advent of social media, every business has had to use effective marketing strategies to remain competitive in the market.

Companies have adopted various marketing strategies, but video production takes the lead.

Producing video content is similar to filmmaking, and images are recorded digitally, and using videos to promote products is an effective strategy.

Using videos, you can easily show off all the products or services you have. Videos provide an engaging balance between information provided and audience engagement. The process of video production consists of three stages:

  • Planning is done before filming begins in pre-production, i.e. before shooting begins. The administration step includes scheduling, logistics, scriptwriting, and other tasks.
  • Filming the subjects of the video content is also considered production under the Production phase.
  • Post-production’s last step in the filmmaking process refers to combining video clips into a finished product that tells a story.

Using video as a marketing tool is practical. It includes a wide range of services, including video production, animation videos, corporate videos, short films, and music videos.

Video and short films are still very influential for online marketing in today’s digital world.

Nevertheless, it is challenging to select and hire the right video production agency in India because there are so many.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of India’s top 10 best video production companies in 2022 for your consideration.

List of 10 best video production companies in India

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1. Communication Craft

No other company can compete with Communication Craft incorporate production in India. The company offers various services and performs everything from scripting to shooting and graphics to deliver the final product.

Communication Craft also handles the marketing for your created video, so you don’t have to worry about that when you work with them.

A production company founded in 2005, Communication Crafts has two offices located in Ahmedabad, India, and Hampshire, UK.

This production company primarily uses .NET developed and helps with other Microsoft technologies, including Entity Framework, DevExpress, IIS, and DevExpress.

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2. Web dew

Web dew was established in 2016 and became one of the world’s most outstanding video editing companies.

The company has had explosive growth since its founding. In just a few years after establishing itself, it attracted many clients satisfied with its superb work and services at a reasonable price.

Web dew has produced over 1000 Explainer Videos and approximately 3000 minutes of video content during the last two years. As part of any business strategy, empowering brands through video is essential.

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3. Studiotale

Founded in 2015, Studiotale specializes in graphic design, video production, and ad campaigns for advertising agencies, media companies, and midmarket businesses.

It is a 40-second video about a client’s reminder app created by this production house. Having selected the perfect music, video, and design for producing a video, they built the animation independently.

Video production is the focus of Studiotale’s professionals. Not because they have to. Video production is their passion. They enjoy every step of the process, from conceptualization to animation to adding finishing notes to the final audio.

4. Miss Audio Video

Our company provides a diverse range of services such as 2D animation, motion graphics, explainer videos, and whiteboard animation, making Miss Audio Videos one of India’s best-animated video production companies.

Video marketing has become a prominent part of most marketing strategies, so the company strives to produce content using modern technologies.

Designers, animators, developers, and innovators from Miss Audio-Video have conquered the animation industry and always strive to deliver unique and innovative creations.

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5. Just Videos

Among the many video production companies in India, Just Videos is another one.

The company has an office in Kolkata, India, specializing in audio and video production through their videos for over a decade. As a company’s advocate, the firm aims to boost viewer interest in the company’s products.

There are eight different categories of videos created by Just Videos, such as Corporate Films, Ad Films and Documentaries, Explainer Videos, Animation Videos, Viral Videos, Training Videos, and Testimonials.

Our firm offers these services to our clients at the highest level of quality.

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6. Flat World Solutions

A subsidiary of Flat World Solutions has been assigned responsibility for customer service, product sales and live calling for the entire company.

Founded in 2006, it employs over 750 people, and India, the Philippines, and the UK are home to its international offices.

Over 98% of Flat World Solutions’ clients are satisfied with the company’s services.

Several clients estimate that this firm has saved their companies over 40 hours of work by providing the highest professionalism and customer service.

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7. Reverse Thought

Reverse Thought is one of India’s most well-known video production companies, and it is the best choice for companies looking to market themselves with video.

The firm works with experienced screenwriters, directors, photographers, and camera specialists to perform your job appropriately.

Live motion effects created by reverse thought are widely used to enhance video content and increase online visibility.

In a video ad, explainer video, case study video, video ad, or another video ad, reverse thoughts are one of the most reliable choices for driving brand attraction.

A brand story, social media story, corporate documentary, and drone footage are woven into this production house’s live-motion videos coupled with the drone and group-level photography.

8. Media Designs

When you require video marketing services, Media Design is a great choice. Our videos display your brand to a global audience. In 2008, Media Designs purchased the first-ever camera in New Delhi.

They gained many clients the first year they were in business because of single-camera production and the passion for conquering the world.

Now, they have ten experts on staff. In addition, it offers branding, print design, production and produces two series of videos displaying the spirit of teamwork and innovation in the value of brands for its clients.

In addition to UFLEX, Aimil Pharma, Profine Indian and Honda, Media Designs produced videos for other corporations.

we're brand-builders and storytellers – and here's how we conveyed the sanjeev krishna yoga story! #enhmedia … | digital marketing, website design, brand building

9. Krishna Media

Corporate video production company Krishna Media, one of the most innovative names in the industry, is one of the most emerging names. From the beginning to the end, the company comprises highly skilled professionals.

The company’s primary services include corporate videos, fashion photography, product photography, advertisement films, music videos, YouTube videos, short films, promotional videos, wedding photography and lifestyle shows.

3 essential elements of pre-production you don't want to overlook (when producing a film or video) | needafixer

10. The Jigsaw

Providing quality video creating services for many years, The Jigsaw is one of the top corporate video production companies in Mumbai.

We have produced corporate videos for many famous brands, including Tata AIG, Nokia, Vodafone, Future Group, Gujarat Gas SBI, and many others.

Client testimonials at The Jigsaw prove how to locate them. It provides a wide range of corporate video services, from advertising films to policy films.

In this company, the team is always up-to-date with the latest technologies they implement into videos. The videos are created by understanding a company’s concepts and combining them to showcase their work.

The following are the top ten video production companies in India. It is possible to find a service provider who matches your brand with all these companies.

Video production Importance


Since last year, video has become more prevalent among businesses, increasing from 63% to 81%. By the end of 2020, video production will have grown and evolved even more in the marketing world.

TikTok is one of the most popular video-first platforms available today, and it shows the success of video as a medium.

According to a Facebook executive, in approximately 2021, online video will completely replace text. I agree.

A video about a product is preferable to a written review four times.

With our in-house video production capabilities, we can create traffic-boosting videos for your business that are high-quality. 

Today, brands and their marketing rely heavily on video production for hundreds of reasons.

Nonetheless, we will show you just 3 of the most important ones that are more than enough to convince any brand to use video ASAP.

Video is an excellent way to explain your products or services.

In a matter of minutes, video can capture your target audience’s attention and understanding, particularly for businesses just getting started.

While 90% of the message is retained after watching a video, only 10% is after reading a written article.

Videos engage the viewer through a combination of attractive visuals and sounds.

More than 72% of customers prefer video explanations of products and services.

Their attention is focused on the benefits you can offer them and how you can resolve their problems during that time.

Video ads increase brand association by 139 per cent and purchase intent by 97 per cent, a win-win product much more effective than written content.

Sales increase as a result of the video.

Are you aware that nearly 50% of internet users look for videos about products or services before purchasing?

Marketing professionals who produce video grew their revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers.

You can also increase conversion rates by 20 per cent or more by including a video on your homepage.

When they watch a marketing video, 39% of executives have contacted the marketer who made the video.

For many people, watching videos is more engaging, leading to higher conversion rates.

Brands’ personalities, cultures, and ethos are captured in the video.

It is essential to have good visual assets, and these events give you the chance to showcase these things to your audience.

You can see, hear, see, and feel what a brand is all about in a video by watching it.

Social media videos are the only exception to the rule – bad sound is unforgivable for video viewers.

If you’re using social media, don’t overly rely on sound, as 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

The best marketing tool you have today is video production. This is an incredibly versatile, funny, vibrant, enjoyable, informative, digestible, and shareable product.

What Do I Need to Start a Video Production Company?

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Planned research, training, and business acumen are necessary to start a video production company.

Depending on the equipment you need, the total investment will vary significantly based on the type of business you have and the services you offer.

Besides general and special event videography, broadcast and corporate productions, creative, original films, and documentaries, video production companies work in many fields. Before deciding on which market to target, it is prudent to examine various options.

  • Orientation

Training in many areas is required to run a video production company. Some of the essential skills you’ll need include camera and lighting operation, editing, recording, scriptwriting and lighting techniques.

Learning video production skills can be accomplished through taking video production courses, interning at a video company, or relying on experiences from the past.

  • Plan of action

To start and run your video production company successfully, you need a business plan that guides you through the details.

A business plan should also outline startup costs and revenue projections besides startup checklists, financial information, equipment requirements, pricing schedules, operational information, and advertising and marketing strategies.

Take a look at the SBA’s website for free, helpful information on starting and running your business.

  • Permits and Licenses

If you plan to shoot on city-owned property, you may need a temporary filming permit from the local town hall as well as any startup permits required.

Business permits in the town where you do business and tax registration certificates from the business taxation office of your state are required to run a business legally.

The Internal Revenue Service requires that you obtain a Tax Identification Number if you incorporate or operate as a limited liability company. In addition to an Employer Identification Number, you need one if you hire employees.

  • Equipment And Supplies

The video supply companies and general merchandise and electronics chains are the best places to buy video equipment and supplies.

It would help if you had professional audio recording equipment and microphones, a video camera, a tripod, a lighting package, and electrical cables. Computers with video and audio production software, as well as DVD burners, are also required.

  • Forms and Contracts

Production companies need to use various release and permission forms when shooting creative or documentary video footage featuring actors, extras, musical pieces, and location properties.

Video-for-hire is usually done under a contract when it is used for commercial or special events. Alternatively, video supply companies may provide assurances and forms, or attorneys may help.

It has long been proclaimed that video is the future of marketing, but the end has come. Videos are an integral part of modern marketing, so you’ll be left behind if you don’t use them. No need to worry; get started now.

You don’t have to hire an in-house team if you can’t afford to hire a skilled video production company, and you can employ highly-skilled companies to do the work.

It would be best to look for video production services when looking for a company to handle your video marketing. This article will talk about the video production process and video production services.

Video marketing already offers a fantastic ROI for 60% of businesses, so now is the time to get on board and enjoy the benefits.

With video, you can engagingly communicate your story, inspiring your audience to feel, think, and act accordingly. The power of video can help drive conversions regardless of the industry or type of business.

Can video marketing be done well?

A company you hire will need to offer three different types of video production services, either you do the video production yourself or yourself.

You can do three types of video production yourself or have the company do it for you, regardless of whether you have in-house personnel or a video production company.

Preproduction is the beginning of video production. There are many tasks behind the scenes to create a video that achieves the goals you intend.

To get the results you want, you must invest time upfront. A solid foundation will be laid here for your message to stand on. We offer creative and logistical video production services.

You must understand what you are illustrating and how you intend your video to be interacted with by your viewers.

The creative process for a video includes developing a story concept, writing a script, creating storyboards, and understanding what you are showing and how you wish for your viewers to interact with it.

Logistics refers to how a finished and polished video will be translated from your ideas.

Your revenue can be significantly raised and surpassed with the right marketing video software.

The fact remains, there are a lot of crappy agencies that cannot provide value to businesses. A video you publish could affect your brand image if you do business with them.

However, you need not worry. You’re in good hands! For your convenience, we have compiled an exclusive list of the 8 best video production firms.

The hard work is done for you. Spend some time reading the article, and brainstorm on how you want your videos to be.

Article Proofread & Published by Gauri Malhotra.

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