What is an ERC20 Token?


Cryptocurrency is not merely a word but a dictionary in itself. There are many technical and digital terms associated with it and token is one among them. Cryptocurrency is an economic asset that can be traded in the market to gain some finance or can be exchanged for some service. Thus, cryptocurrency is a tradable asset and has some economic value associated with it. If we look at the prices these values are far better than the normal fiat currencies and other economic assets. The smart age is the modern age and several advancements are being made not only in the offline market but in online platforms such as bitcoin 360 ai as well and no doubt this advent is the result of the same.

what is a crypto token?

Crypto token

When an investment is made, it is the blockchain that is responsible for the act because the chain follows the steps of a particular blockchain associated and its protocols. Just like a physical token a crypto token also is an asset of some economic value that can trade itself in exchange for economic value or service. Thus, a token is an entity that actively participates in a trade. Thus, the purpose of investment or economic value is fulfilled by a token. Also, a token can be considered to be a legal holding of an investor that has several meaningful uses for trading and another market trend.

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erc20 token standard – ethereum smart contracts – bitcoinwiki

ERC token

An ERC token or ERC20 token is a standard protocol that has some rules and regulations enclosed for the issuance of tokens on an Ethereum network. ERC itself is a short form for Ethereum requests for comments and the numeral 20 means the specific item for distinguishing it from other protocols of similar nature. Just like there are internet protocols that hold some set of rules or regulations for holding and carrying the online activities over the network, similarly, the ERC20 token is used for issuing the tokens on Ethereum blockchains.

Differences among cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens

At present, the number of cryptocurrencies is more than a dozen and people are actively investing in each one of them. Previously the investment was made for bitcoin but today due to the increase in scope and popularity of cryptocurrencies people are more inclined to other cryptocurrencies as compared to the saturated bitcoin chains. Each cryptocurrency has its dedicated blockchain that holds a particular algorithm for its generation and operation. The online ledger is maintained by these cryptocurrencies with the help of these blockchains and is independent of each other. Opposite to blockchain for cryptocurrencies, the ERC20 token uses a preset and pre-used blockchain of ethereum itself and has no independent blockchain of its own. This is the main reason that the ERC20 token is used on the terms of ethereum. If one needs to send some ERC20 tokens to someone, the sender should have some ethereum in its holding.

benefits erc20what is an erc-20 token? - inventivabenefits erc20benefits erc20

Benefits of ERC token

Before the ERC20 token was introduced there were no standard protocols for operating the DApps and smart contracts. After its launch, this token has taken over both the technologies, and these are made to follow the terms set by it. Thus, the prime benefit of this token is the uniformity in operation. Uniformity brings a reduction in any type of complexion and other problems in its implementation. The nature of the token being liquid has increased its value thereby reducing the risks associated with the smart contracts and operation of decentralized apps.

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Thus, the benefit of an ERC20 token is far and wide as compared to its previous conditions when no standards are set and the path was followed haphazardly.


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