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Meet the young healthy wizard who’s revolutionizing and making healthy living and accessibility

Healthy is a strenuous word to live up to in the 21st century. With a busy life and hectic schedule, the only health-related activity most of us do is search in google with questions like “how to be healthy” or “how to get six pack at home”. That’s it. But what most us ignore is that being healthy is 80% of diet and 20% of workout. That means you can get as many  gym membership as you want, but if you keep munching on the samosas and chips, it won’t happen. And it is apparent because healthy meal is tedious to prepare and often a luxury to acquire. This was the main concern of Aniket Karia from All Heart. The more healthy section of meals was often over-priced, and if you are young and just beginning your job, money is a bit of a problem.

“The need to come up with an entire range of healthy food crossed my mind when i realized there were very few healthy, affordable option to munch on between meals at my previous corporate job.” Says the young entrepreneur who’s is the mastermind behind his start-up, All Heart.

This is often the common problem of this young and ambitious enthusiast who want the best of both health and success. But our current lifestyle is something that is not compatible with the former with irregular work hours and multiple new cafè and dining choices that we have. So health is now not only physical labour but also mental because when we are spoilt for choices, we tend to choose pleasure.

Aniket Karia , Founder All Heart

The gap in the food sectors between healthy and affordable was motivation enough for Aniket to venture out and start his company. Taste with accessibility was his main goal. His initial inspiration was his friend’s mother recipe including seeds that he adored, which inspired him to set up All Hearts, a health food brand aimed at providing healthy snack at an affordable price!

Seeds like flaxseed, hemp etc are gaining much popularity because of ‘easy cuisine’ concept. They are accessible, easy to use and act as a nutrient boast in regular snack recipes. Once Aniket had a basic idea of how these can be used, he reached out to his friend and started tweaking regular homemade snacks into nutrient-rich superfoods.

Of course with any start-up, there were initial obstacles that Aniket needed to overcome like getting licence approval from FSSAI and manufacturing licence. But his previous knowledge of working with F&B space and having an idea of how the heart of a restaurant operates, he managed to shine through these obstacles and is now the creator of a healthy and affordable food based company, that can boast of being 100% real with it’s ingredients and not using preservatives and being gluten-free!

All Heart currently functions with the help of an established online presence on the Indian audience, and Aniket’s future venture includes setting up official retail stores with targeting first the metropolitans like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.

When asked what his biggest lesson was from venturing into this business as a young aspirant with a vision, he says, “ being an entrepreneur is like being a parent. There are going to be some really good days and a lot of bad days and the biggest challenge is to find a balance and keep moving forward, sticking to your goal and NOT GIVING UP.”

Health is such a broad concept and with a culture of over 100+ cuisines, India is bound to be a little time consuming when being introduced to a new form of eating. But by having a knowledge of his arena and most importantly having an honest desire to transform the health sector with an idea of accessibility to all, All Heart is now a successful venture, and innovating Indian health, one person at a time.

Source: Flairtales

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