Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Inverter AC

The Inverter AC is a new air cooling concept that is available for split type units and not window types. Are you confused about whether you need to go for it or not? If yes, in this write-up, I have provided some advantages and disadvantages of buying an inverter AC. 

You might have already heard about the inverter AC system, and it’s competing with the split type AC in the market. The following are some things that you should know about the inverter AC. 

Everyone knows that a split AC has two parts. The outdoor compressor of the AC provides refrigerant to the indoor part of the AC unit. The fan present in the indoor part of the AC unit blows cold air by allowing it to pass through the refrigerant. 

Initially, the compressor works at high speed to cool the room and when it reaches the set temperature, it slows down to maintain constant cooling. This is how it saves energy. 

To evade consuming more power, Inverters are equipped with motors that do not turn off then turn on; however, they change the speed as per required. Additionally, the motor will consume more power when the AC starts to reach the desired temperature. 

When it achieves this temperature, the motor then slowdowns while still maintaining the thermostat temperature. This way, instead of shutting off completely, the motor controls its rotating speed. This is why the consumption of power reduces to half since the motor works at a slow speed. 

Imagine, in an ideal situation, if you have a non-inverter AC and you set the temperature at night, the AC will cut off every 15 minutes. So, approximately 30 times, the motor will then consume power in order to start the compressor again. 

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While in the case of an inverter unit, the AC will, no doubt, consume more power during the initial 15 minutes. However, it will maintain the temperature for the rest of the hours by working at a very slow speed. 

Now that you have understood the major difference between having a non-inverter AC and an inverter AC unit let’s divert our attention to the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an inverter AC unit. 

Advantages of Buying an Inverter AC 

  • Consumes less power: When the motor runs at a low speed, it saves the electricity or power bill by 30-50%.
  • Quiet AC units: Since the motor runs at a low speed, AC units like these are relatively more silent than non-inverter ACs.
  • Cools swiftly: Inverter AC unit works in higher efficiency when you start it. It would take 30% less time to cool the room.
  • Less fluctuating temperature: Your room has less temperature fluctuation as the AC aims to maintain the required temperature and doesn’t cut off.
  • Works on relatively low load: These ACs can work using Solar power energy. The reason being, they are less power consuming units. This makes these ACs better at fuel-saving while they are running on a generator.
  • Safe for household wiring system: Inverter ACs never get overloaded, which makes it safe for your other household wiring.

Disadvantages of Buying an Inverter AC 

  • Very expensive: The initial cost of acquiring this type of AC is pretty high. However, it will be worth it in the long run as it will cut the cost of your electricity bills.
  • Skilled technicians required to resolve the issues: Since these types of AC maintain the temperature by keeping control of the motor’s speed, there are always more movable parts in the AC unit. Such parts are quite expensive and, at times, are not even available in the companies.
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Due to the numerous benefits of an inverter AC, it is a blessing in disguise as it saves you more money in the long run even if you spend extra money when you initially buy it. On the other hand, there are not enough skilled technicians available to resolve the issues that can creep up when the inverter AC depreciates.

Concluding Thoughts

Just imagine: If every house and corporate office utilizes inverter AC units, a huge amount of electricity can be saved daily in our city and our nation. In simple words, it can save on fossil fuel which the coming generations can inherit! Isn’t that fantastic news?

Hence, I suggest you “Go Green” by utilizing the inverter AC as it is good for our Mother Earth!

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