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CORONAVIRUS VACCINE: Apollo Hospitals Ready to Administer More Than 7,00,000 COVID-19 Vaccines Per Day!

Apollo Hospitals disclosed its plans to administer one million coronavirus vaccines every day. The group will use its strong pan-Indian network (consisting of more than 13 drug supply centers with cold chain facilities), and use its 70 hospitals, more than 400 clinics, 500 corporate medical centers, 4,000 pharmacies, and their omnichannel digital platform Apollo 24 | 7 to ensure the immense management capacity of the coronavirus vaccine.

India currently has 3 vaccines for coronavirus treatment, including 2 indigenously developed vaccine candidates, which are in different stages of clinical testing. The government said on Tuesday that the results of the second phase of trials of indigenously developed vaccine candidates-Cadila Health’s ZyCovD and ICMR-Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN-are expected to begin in early November.

Another vaccine being processed by the Serum Institute of India, Oxford AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, is undergoing phase 3 trials. Experts hope to get results by the end of November or early December this year.

Apollo claims that approximately 29%-30% of India is about 30 minutes away from Apollo pharmacy, which can ensure safe and widespread vaccination when needed.

The cold chain network created by the hospital can deliver vaccines in less than 30 minutes and up to 48 hours across the country.

More than 10,000 Apollo employees are receiving the required training and will be stationed at the Apollo Center to administer vaccines.

Executive Vice Chairman of Apollo Hospital Groups, Shobana Kamineni said: As the entire country is waiting for a vaccine against deadly infectious COVID-19 disease, one of the main challenges will be to provide 1.3 billion people with safe and orderly doses, especially to the vulnerable group.

We are pleased to share that Apollo Hospital has been strengthening its cold chain supply of vaccines and assisting all Apollo facilities for effective and rapid management with the highest safety standards, with a daily dose of up to one million doses, Shobana Kamineni said.

As the largest and most trusted comprehensive healthcare network in the country, we believe that it is our responsibility and duty to actively participate in the country’s fight against coronavirus and ensure the safety and health of Indians, Kamineni added.

According to Kamineni, the team has so far tested more than 2,30,000 patients and treated more than 76,000 patients. She said that it would be their honor to cooperate with all governments, medical networks, and government agencies to ensure that a large number of people can get the vaccine expeditiously and securely as it becomes available.

She stated: We are proud that Indian manufacturers will have most of the world’s supply of vaccines. As medical service providers, we will ensure the most secure and most comprehensive delivery.

Shobana Kamneni said that the price of the vaccine for coronavirus treatment has not yet been determined and will be controlled by the government and will be disbursal of the coronavirus vaccine in the first phase.

Apollo is open not only to administer vaccines but can also to purchase vaccines directly from private companies whenever the government allows. She added that the next 100 days will be exact in terms of the vaccine supply schedule.

The government has not clinched the eligibility standards for the vaccine yet but it is expected to be consistent with the WHO guidelines, according to which patients and healthcare workers with comorbidities will be given priority.

Technology will play a significant role in ensuring that all citizens have access to vaccines and how to manage and set priorities. It may be necessary to point out that Apollo Hospital was one of the first medical service providers to cooperate with the US National Digital Health Mission.

Apollo 24 | 7 will also provide a dedicated platform for all information related to the coronavirus vaccine. Users will be able to register on Apollo 24 | 7 to receive regular updates on vaccine development. The platform will provide a unique number for each user registered on the platform and assure interoperability with NDHM. Through the portal, users will continue to receive the latest information about vaccines.


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