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A Revolutionizing Business consultant and Entrepreneur – Mr Alan Beck

Mr Alan Beck was born on 1st November 1985 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, one of the masterminds in the digital world today. He grew up in Geelong for 16 years of his life, but later, he transferred to the city of St. Kilda in Victoria, Australia, for further training.

A few of his interests include dancing, playing all sport from AFL, Cricket, Soccer, boxing, and UFC, learning everything about advertising, marketing, making money, business, health, and the workings of the human brain.

The prodigy has also bagged two scholarships for his dancing career, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to the top due to severe injuries in his calves.

Given that, he has been very interested in making a career in helping other people become successful. He also has a remedial massage diploma and cert 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training. In 2011, he established 3 Bootcamp businesses working over 100 hours per week before contracting glandular fever.

Alan Beck has been in the industry for almost ten years now. He has dedicated every day to learning everything about advertising, business, health, social media, marketing, and anything relating to making money with great meticulousness and focus.

He has two big goals in mind. Helping influencers become high value and breaking in the top 1% in the industry, and assisting brands to work with only high-value influencers will result in better results for the brand. He has purposefully self-curated a list of techniques and strategies for helping influencers develop and become successful. Therefore, he is bringing a course out that will get you from being a nobody to a celebrity like status and breaking the top 1% of the influencer market.

His everlasting determination has opened the door for a lot of his achievements. While he was in the hospital a few years ago and almost died, he made his first $1,000 per day online. He further found a job at an Australian Company.

Since then, he has helped an Australian Company with its marketing and advertising, making it the fastest-growing company in Australia in 2019-2020, assisted many clients in making over

$500k per month through their Shopify stores, has also won the best social media award in Australia with the company, and successfully sold many products eBay and thousands through Shopify.

He has also worked with many Shopify brands to scale up their income to 0 to 7 figures per year and has worked with enormous e-commerce brands and assisted them in reaching over seven figures per year while working with hundreds of influencers in the process.

Working very closely with these companies and working with hundreds of influencers, Alan has seen what works in the industry and what gives businesses the best return on investment. His goal is to get rid of the low-value fake influencer and help coach people to become high value, so brands want to work with them, making it a win-win for the business and the influencer.

Alan has developed a course that is an absolute game-changer for both influencers and brands. His goal is to help influencers go to that next level and reach very high status on social media, which in return, will help them get 6-7 figures per year.

The high-income influencer course will not be cheap. However, it will be one of the best training opportunities for influencers and taking them to a high-status level.

You can read more about Alan Beck via Instagram &Facebook. Also, glance at Alan Beck’s

Website for more information. 

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