Arnab Goswami’s WhatsApp chat with ex – BARC CEO leaked; What do you have to say for yourself now, Mr. Arnab Goswami?

Mumbai Police has been going rather strongly for Republic TV Editor – in – Chief Arnab Goswami on the alleged TRP (Television Rating Point) scam since late last year.

The TRP scam was undiscovered in October last year on the accusations by BARC that certain television channels were rigging TRP numbers.

In what was seen as a significant move, the Commissioner of Police, Param Bir Singh, had announced that Republic Tv and two other smaller Tv channels – Box Cinema and Fakt Marathi were involved in the alleged TRP scam and had said that confidential data was being misused by various TV channels for “wrongful gains.”

In his typical high crescendo, Arnab Goswami had instead put his own allegations saying that Republic TV was being targeted and maligned.

In what followed was an up – and -down, in – and -out investigation that also saw Arnab Goswami and several people associated with the channel being arrested.
However, Goswami continued to maintain his and Republic TV’s involvement in the case as false and unprecedented.

BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta has also been denied bail in the said case. The investigative authorities claimed that they had found new evidence on record through an investigation with BARC against Republic TV and Arnab Goswami – the Mumbai Police told the Bombay High Court.

In the latest round of police vs. Goswami, a 500 – page document of conversations between Arnab Goswami, Republic TV, and Partho Dasgupta, former Chief Executive Officer of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), was allegedly leaked on social media by the Mumbai Police.

Arnab Goswami and Republic TV in trouble.

It seems that trouble is just mounting for Republic TV, particularly Arnab Goswami. Advocate Prashant Bhushan shared screenshots of purported leaked WhatsApp conversations between Arnab Goswami and Partho Dasgupta, former CEO of BARC.

In his tweet, “these are a few snapshots of the damning leaked WhatsApp chats between BARC CEO and Arnab Goswami. They show many conspiracies and unprecedented access o power in this govt; gross abuse of his media & his position as a power broker. In any Rule of law of country, he would be in jail for long”.

Arnam Goswami in Mumbai Police’s net

The Mumbai police released a large number of WhatsApp chats between the two accused, and the chats have now gone viral.
The pdf begins with an intimation that this a case filed with the Kandivali Police. The transcript shows various signatures on each of the pages.

The chat is not just one chat but several, beginning in July 2019 and extends until mid – October 2019; the discussions are between Arnab Goswami, Vikas Aidem, Romil Ramgaria( RRP Group), and several more in one volume that FPJ accessed.

The chats touch upon a wide range of topics – Omar Abdullah to Mehbooba Mufti to how the channel had broken several headlines much ahead of the competition.
Perhaps the most embarrassing and revealing is the chat that dubs Prakash Javadekar, Union minister, as “useless.”

Arnab Goswami would probably find it hard to appear on his show “ the Nation debates” as he has said to have said that “all ministers are with us,” this in pomp and display of the success of the channel.

Why are the chats so disturbing?

While the social media is agog with the leaked WhatsApp chats, the reason as to why the chats are so disturbing is because it shows how confident Arnab Goswami was in pulling off the TRP scam.

More importantly, in one of the chats, Arnab Goswami has revealed how much clout he enjoys and the reach he has in the central government, and how he can help Partho Dasgupta.

In the chats, Arnab Goswami has repeatedly claimed that he has access to prominent central government leaders.

The detailed chats also reveal an important and scandalous window to Arnab Goswami’s proximity to the Prime Minister’s office and members of the ruling government.

This indeed is damning and rather sad that know if it is true – the Prime Minister’s office may have indeed been harboring and perhaps even encouraging Arnab Goswami on his many relentless news topics.

Evidence of the TRP scam

The chats also reveal how Arnab Goswami and his partner in crime Dasgupta have been resorting to several unethical ways to boost the TRP ratings of Republic TV. The chat also shows Dasgupta sharing information with Goswami on the condition of help from the central government’s touch level, which is confidential.

Arnab Goswami – damn, the impression

Arnab Goswami has made a pretty good fool out of his audiences, innocent viewers who lapped and thumped his back on every hard hitting news piece, headlines, and how brave he and fellow journalists (Republic TV) are who despite all odds and pressures from hindering sources are committed to truth.

Goswami has always maintained, several times losing his cool on perpetrators and seemingly anti-nationalists, anti – Hindu’s, or any other individual or political parties who seem anti-BJP, and telling them, in many cases ordering them to come in line seemingly so for the Nation’s interest.

He has condemned people on his shows for dishonesty, taking the law in their hands and such, each time asking and telling the viewers of the truth at stake and hidden behind statements and false facades.

What do you have to say for yourself now, Mr. Goswami?

Perhaps the most shocking is the revelation in these chats of the absolute “confidence” and the “propriety” “favoritism” he and his news channel enjoy with the present government.

What are you hiding? And who are the so-called government higher up’s that he and his channel enjoy such close relation and proximity with?

Another critical point here is also to know and understand how media is and can be manipulated for vested interests both by the people who run it and the ones who support their misleading antics.

Mr. Goswami has clearly revealed who he really is, not the person we see on the news channel rounding up people and challenging them on a duel, all in the name of presenting his viewers with the correct facts, truth, and best interest in his heart for the Nation.

How you have deceived us all!

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