Artificial Intelligence and its Applications



Artificial Intelligence is a vast and challenging field which ranges from robotics, neural networks, Bayesian belief networks and knowledge base. The application is in wide variety of fields namely medicine, command and control systems, networking to name a few.

Knowledge Base Build Up

There are various ways of building up the knowledge base. The user can enter in If Then Else format. The rules can be configured by the user and additional rules derived from the existing ones. The system then adapts itself to the configured set of rules. Existing data of available in terms of historical data can be subjected to various data mining techniques and algorithms and information extracted from it. A rule editor application can support the build up.

Neural Networks

The nodes called neurons are built and a probability assigned to every node. The result of one node is fed to the other and there is a feedback mechanism to send the output of final node as the refined input to first node. In this case also a priori information is used.

Bayesian Belief Networks

They are graphical models to find the cause and effect relationships.The results are determined based on the probability of occurrence of an event.Probabilities are assigned using various approaches it can be fixed,variable or determined based on the results.

Database Support

Since the AI applications are expected to yield results in real time all information is stored in real time data structures. However the information stored in permanent database is also used. There are wide variety of databases which are used for development of expert systems.


Artificial Intelligence techniques can be used to determine or predict the enemy course of action in military domain. It can also be used to predict the diseases based on symptoms of patient. Robotics is being used in surgical applications. Since the field is fast emerging and challenging a lot of opportunities exist in this arena. It can be chosen as a career path for growth.


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