Coop Cab: Bringing you the safest rides and hassle-free travel

In a country where we talk about women empowerment and gender equality, women safety is still quite an issue. There have been numerous cases where women have felt insecure and in danger. Women who work at odd hours and have to travel alone feel the most unsafe because they can neither trust their driver and also not the people with whom they share their cabs. Well, as much as they can, it is not always possible to travel in someone’s company and nor should they do. When we talk about an independent woman, we must also see that they are able to continue their journey of being safe.

In this edition of Inventiva, on the occasion of Women’s Day, we are bringing you a cab service which will solve the problem of women all around the country and help them travel safely. All the women out there wish to have a cab service which is not only comfortable and easy to approach, but is also safe and offers security from all aspects, be it the driver, on the route, and more. We would like to take in charge and introduce you to a brand of cab service which serves all around the country and claims to provide the safest cab service for all the women out there: Coop Cab!

Coop Cab is one of the best cab services in the country with a number of drivers who are available at all hours to serve the women with the safest and the most secure ride ever. Coop Cab offers on time pickup and drop facility from your exact location to your exact destination. There are plenty of experienced and well-trained drivers who will take you for the ride you need. You can also share your ride status through the Coop Cab app which is extremely user friendly and has a generic interface. This status can be shared through any platform to your family and friends so they will always know your location and you will be sure of your safety.

All the rides Coop Cab offers are all secure and observed from Coop Cab control room with 24 by 7 services for monitoring of their esteemed women customers. Their major motive is to provide all the women and other people a convenient and comfortable ride where they do not have to worry about their safety.

So, if you wish to book a ride for yourself, download the Coop Cab app on Playstore or Appstore.

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