India – An Emerging Health Capital Of The World

Living in a Developing country or a Underdeveloped country , in rural or urban area whether in India or other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal , Mynamar , African countries – means you will be deprived of quality healthcare facilities, as these areas usually do not have proper doctors ,  hospitals & other health care infrastructure .

And if someone needs the treatment, urgently, he /she has to be taken to the city for treatment where the expenses are very high and beyond the reach of a common man with meagre means.  Most of the time, this results  in,  either leaving the patient at his condition to die or forcing the family members to sell all that they have, to pay for the treatment expense. In both cases, the poor come on the road.


To overcome this dismal situation, Sevati Devi Memorial Digital  Medical centers, a project of Techno-Telemedicine & Telehealthcare (Sevati Devi Memorial Digital  Medical centers pvt ltd ) have come up with an idea of globalizing healthcare with the help of the latest technologies.  


How  this globalization healthcare move will be beneficial?


  • Today we have approx 200,000 active consultants in India . It costs  several crores of rupees and approx  15 years of time to prepare a consultant. With the systems invented by Dr Arvind Aggarwal in this project , & with the  use of the latest advancements , consultants shall be able  to treat 8 times more patients but with better quality diagnosis. Thus reducing cost per consultation to 1/8th.
  • Thus 20000 active consultants shall be able to perform what 1600000 consultants would do ! This shall create a huge “ SOCIO ECONOMIC REVOLUTION”
  • Setting up digital medical centres in rural areas shall create a platform through which a rural area patient , without having to travel to large cities shall be able to access these specialised services from neighbourhood “ Patient friendly digital Medical Centers on 24 x 7 at low affordable cost”

 This will eliminate the problem of paucity of doctors & state of Art health care infrastructure  in rural areas in Underdeveloped &developing nations . Thus The world-class healthcare will be for everyone, anywhere and anytime at an affordable cost.


Facilities of globalization of health care


Global Consultation system 

  • Data of global consultants will be available on the cloud. A doctor at digital Medical Center can connect to the specialized consultant instantly ,who will be able to see the doctor and patient at DMC , see the patient’s investigations ,  and do the examination & investigations the patient remotely. The language translation system (Text and speech translation) shall help in a global conversation between the three ( patient /doctor at digital Medical Centre, & remote consultant at ny global location ).


  • Quality diagnosis


Digital Patient Information / the virtual patients in the form of Electronic Medical records containing patient information like history, Medical examination and investigation shall be available in audio, video and text format. The superior digital format will help the consultant to see the EMR file in about 1-1.5 minutes with a quality diagnosis. This will increase the number of patients attended will increase by 8-10 times and a consultation fee will be reduced to 1/8-1/10 times.Normally in the conventional method a patient visits consultant & during the first visit, consultant takes patient history, does examination & advises investigations ( this first visit usually takes about 10 minutes ) , in the current system the first visit to consultant is eliminated, & is absorbed in second visit , where in one visit consultant sees patient history, medical examination ( see & does  it ) sees the investigations etc & gives the diagnosis & treatment . This saves his time , increases his productivity  & his catchment area & improves his diagnosis as the patient information received is superior to the information received in conventional method .


  • Serving the un-served rural areas, globally

 The increased patient examining capacity, can help in un-served patients in un-served rural areas where there is a shortage of doctors, thus improving health care delivery in rural areas globally at low cost .


  • Medicines delivery through drones


The prescription generated at DMC shall be transmitted online to the pharmaceutical  warehouse, nearby , which shall deliver the medicines quickly in areas with no roads or transportation means to the home or office or another preferred location of  the patient with the help of drones and the charge will be through credit cards or Aadhar cards etc .


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Basic Services :


  1. 70% of the population living in urban or rural areas will be provided basic health care such as complete medical examinations and basic investigations like Urine, Stool, ECG and X-ray including primary consultation at Rs 50 only.




  1. Besides this, Only Rs 2 per day ill be charged as a life membership to cover.




  1. For such persons who do not have a bank account for electronic transfer @ Rs 500 per annum .


 Value-added service for Rest 30%


  1. Global consultation – Single or multiple consultants. 
  2. National consultation – Single or Multiple

Shall save patients time, cost and inconvenience of travelling & provide health care from all over the world at their  door step DMC .

  1. Value added health check ups




Benefits to doctors at SMC


  1. An SMC shall be a state of art platform for practicing with standard medical infrastructure , its own clientele of patients, and a place for huge network of consultants and doctors to work with continued medical education and remuneration. 
  2. DMC will also be a feeder for all secondary & tertiary care hospitals.  
  3. DMC shall increase the engagement and revenue of consultants in secondary and tertiary care hospitals.


Benefits to investors


A safe business & investment opportunities for private/corporate investors with high returns


Universal and the healthcare system


The system can be replicated in any country.


Future Plans


We plan to pharmaceutical ware houses ,in each district or region with regularly needed medicines. 


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Doctors can also become the franchisee of SMC by paying a one-time membership. The funds received at SMC franchisee shall help finance the virtual hub .A doctor can also become franchise by paying 25% margin money and 75 % get financed by banks or financial institutes.





  • Selected as “ KEY PROJECT”  for Europe by European Commission, Delloite & Touche, Doctors ass of Luxembourg , Govt of Luxembourg & Telecomunication Union Of switzerland


  • Got GOLD MEDAL for ‘Excellence in the Technology  Innovation’ in 2001. Awarded by the International  Trade Promotion Organisation at Pragati Maidan , New Delhi

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