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Neha Behani re-invented the age-old Jukebox with Moojic

Women entrepreneurs have been taking the nation by a storm. One such lady of steel – is Neha Behani the co-founder of Moojic.

Moojic deals with in-store music requirements across retailers and brands. What started as a brilliant idea has today reached exponential growth.

Believed in and invested in by the MD of Google – Rajan Anandan itself, Moojic changed the way retailers managed their in-store music needs. In fact not only populous in India, but Moojic was also able to enjoy love on a global scale.

What started from 20 outlets has turned into magnanimous 20,000 + outlets. It today enjoys presence across 8 countries with 500,000 daily listeners!

More about the lady herself? Neha is a key example of a small town girl making it uber huge in life. She hails from Kishanganj in Bihar. Bihar was known as amongst the backward states of the nation however this could never stop her. She goes on to manifest how it is solely ‘you’ who is responsible for your bright future.

In fact, she was the first women in her family to enter into the business world. She had her own enterprise completely separate from that of her family’s. Educationally, Neha completed her Masters in Business Administration.

She went on to grab a place at Hewlett Packard, Singapore as a full-time Product Manager. It was while at HP, that she along with the other co-founder Kumaran Mahendran ideated about Moojic.

They had much faith in the concept. So much so, that they believed they had a real opportunity here, both quitted their jobs to pursue their brainchild.

So how did the idea of Moojic struck Neha?

In-store innovation in the realm of retail had a long way to go at the time. There was much scope to enhance in-store experiences. More specifically it was at the time of building a digital jukebox for bars and cafes, that they realized the apparent gap in the sector.

Much had to be done in terms of licensing the required music. Brands, of course, sought to ensure that in-store music was in accordance with the ethos they stand for. In other words, their brand-identity should be in sync with what’s being played.

Thus there was too much tailoring, licensing and overall efforts involved in the process. Moreover, this of course, meant higher costs. This was like a moment of Eureka for Neha. She wanted to address this gap.

What resulted was a self-service in-house radio platform to solve the problem at hand. It was their initiative to re-invent the traditional juke-box.

What’s more? They housed a panel of consultants who were experts in retail ambience. These would suggest and guide apt radio content to clients. Radio content was selected keeping in mind the client’s brand values, target audience and overall goals.

Once the content was zeroed in on, Moojic would seamlessly coordinate all other functions. From music curation to licensing they would use technology and sound to offer the best digital solutions for your in-house retail ambience.

In fact, Moojic is not only limited to curating and licensing the apt music for your store or cafe. It helps you build and sustain your brand voice. What should be said in between songs, how to propagate about brand-specific information etc.

All the scripting of the voice-overs is handled by Moojic. Selecting the right voice, production and editing –effortlessly managed by them! Have multiple stores? Manage the in-store audio of these centrally with one click go! Moojic’s centralized audio control makes the work all that easier for multi-location brands.

Neha along with her co-founder has put together a young and vibrant team. Dynamic, driven and passionate about music, these bring on board tech-expertise and innovative understanding of what can work in-stores.

We at Inventiva applaud the strong conviction and personality of Neha that really helped make Moojic what it is today.

When asked about what gives her the competitive edge, she says that women, in general, have greater EQ compared to men. Managing home alongside work hones their multitasking skills. These qualities she believes get hers going just like how it enables other women too.

Moreover, Neha’s DNA enables her to see an opportunity where others spot adversity or a disadvantage.

How many professionals out there advocate that women aren’t able to move ahead due to inequality in society? The inequality does indeed exist in the male-dominated corporate world. Women indeed do have to prove their worth further to excel in the realm of business.

However, here too Neha sees an apparent opportunity for herself and for all working women in general. She says that being a woman in this inequality centred industry gets you noticed all that faster. You get eyed almost immediately as you’re going against the odds and standing tall amongst the other gender.

Capitalize on this attention she says. Use it to blast your idea/business out into the world swifter and more impactful!

Neha believes that today women have available the resources that were lacking on earlier. From funding opportunities for the right ideas to valuable mentorships, if you have the zeal and acumen – now is the time to start!

Her advice to all lady entrepreneurs out there is to not sit back and laze around with an idea. If you believe you have something real, go for it. Remember, while you’re wasting time in speculation, someone out there is already starting to execute the same!

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