Outstation Coop Cabs are your easiest way to another city.

Coop Cab launched on 10th June 2018 in Delhi/NCR as an app based cab booking platform. Now, you might be thinking that it is just another app-based cab service and we already have so many around, that downloading another one is sheer madness.

However, Coop Cab differentiates itself on certain factors. In fact, the major concern it addresses is what got Coop Cab into being.

What is this concern one shall ask? Well, none other than that of safety. Yes, it was on one of the co-founders trip to Dubai, that the need for a safer cab service was realized.

The Indian city of Delhi today has become known for the heinous incidents (involving cab-related harassment) not only in the country but also abroad.

The Coop Cab founder Mr. Gaurav Rai agrees that there are plenty of cab services out there now, which offer easy and convenient mobile hiring. However, despite them being into action for quite some time now, the issue of safety and security for both the customer and the driver has not been completely arrested.

From this realization stemmed Coop Cab. Thus, apart from the other USP’s, this relatively new cab service boasts of, its focus on providing a safe environment for cab-travelling is what sets it apart. How do they accomplish better safety than others in the industry?

Coop Cab monitors every ride extremely observantly. A customer service executive tracks the journey and collects coordinates at every 10-second intervals till the destination. If servers cannot identify locations at any point, immediate alerts notify the company to take action.

In fact, Coop Cab provides considerable security to their drivers too.

Drivers are offered a completely transparent payment structure. The incentive plans help them maximize earnings – “jitna chalaye utna kamaaye” is the tagline for Coop Cab’s Drivers (They call them as partners) to go by.

What’s more? No surge pricing, discounted rates and frequent introductory promo coupons shall make your cab travels more cost-effective with Coop Cab.

Now, more about their most recent developments that shall make work-travel and vacationing all that easier-:

In February, they announced a further upgrade to their services. They introduced the outstation cab service. In other words, if you’re based out of, let say, Delhi and are looking to go visit Agra, all you got to do is reach for the Coop Cab app (available on both Android and ios).

The salient feature of Coop Cab’s outstation services is that you don’t need to necessarily rent the same cab for your whole trip i.e. they offer point-to-point connectivity. You can opt for a one-way drop-off or a return trip depending on your requirement.

This provides greater flexibility and freedom. Many a time people make spontaneous plans without deciding on a return schedule. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for a cab waiting for you while you’re sightseeing.

You can book a cab till the outstation location and leave it that destination itself. Once you’re ready to come back, just book one again for the return and there you’re sorted. Now, if that isn’t wonderfully simple, what is?

Wait this is not all. For those heading to family vacations (say 2-3 days or even more), Coop Cab now also offer self drive.

So, you can travel outstation while not worrying about transportation in the city. With a self driven coop cab (start from 4 hours and go to a month), you can rest assured of not feeling stranded even in another city.

So, for that gang of friends looking forward to a road trip in a luxuriously expensive car model – Coop Cab is your answer.

And when one thinks that’s all, it isn’t!!! Coop Cab has many more salient features in their kitty which the company is planning to launch soon.

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