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Skill vs attitude..

Is skill more important or Attitude? Both have their own significance.

There are many institutes coming up for skill development. Indian parents are spending huge money on skill development of their kids. Working corporates are working overtime to get extra MBA or black belt etc. Everyone wants to grow. It works only when you love your work. More than 80% of people hate their work. They stop growing as they stop learning.

We are living in highly unstable world. Skills get outdated soon. Reworking on skill at aging man is too difficult especially hard skills. Soft skills like communication etc you may sharpen with age.

Companies are creating comfort zone by showering huge benefits to employees. Capex to acquire an employee is high. Opex is low. It is more so as human are lazy by nature. They resist changes. By that way they buy skill man with loyalty.

In HR terminally, new jargon is coming VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). It is about external environment through which companies are going through. More than that, employees are also going through changes in digital world. New generation is equipped with tools and information. They are connected. It is helping them to plot strategy better but they are weak in transactions. Through continuous bombardment of information on social media, they are facing challenge of noise to improve productivity.

New era will be new skills but moreover it will require right attitude to work. People lose interest soon as they find monotonous work and BELL curve at work. They just survive. Challenge is missing for many. That is the reason that 80% hate their job. It is bad for both employer and employee.

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Companies are trying to insert new blood by hiring more and more new employees. By that way , they are importing skills. And by stagnating other’s growth they are buying loyalty and attitude.

They are mixing it all well – skill and attitude. An employee has to fit in this HR game to survive in low job scenario.



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