This Young Girl Riya Arora Donated 1 Lac Rupees From Her Own Savings For Corona Epidemic & Lockdown

Intelligence, Bravery, Philanthropy sees no age, we might have heard this line many times and our Indian youth have also proved it many a time.

Since years our young Indian minds are getting president medals from their bravery every 26th January on Republic Day.

Today we are presenting a very young girl of age 20 from Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, Miss Riya Arora.

Riya is just 20 but her feelings towards India and Indians can be judged by the fact that, at such young age, Riya Arora has donated 1,00,000 INR to COVID-19 Fund to help coronavirus patients and people affected due to lockdown. She aims to offer food, medicines, clothes to under-privileged people with this money.

When asked from her, where this much money came, Riya told Inventiva that, it is her own money which she had been saving since the age of 13 years, she got money from relatives as affection while visiting her home in childhood, many a time as gifts on birthday, from her own pocket money, Riya Arora saved all this money and donated her entire savings and earnings for the poor and needy.

When asked about her background, Riya’s mother Mrs. Rekha Arora told us that, she is preparing for her medical entrance exams and currently staying in Faridabad along with her brother Sanket Arora.

Riya’s father Mr. Naresh Arora was not available for any statement on this amazing charitable & noble cause done by their Daughter Riya.

As a matter of fact, Riya got these philanthropic sentiments from her father Mr. Naresh Arora.

Her father is also engaged in helping coronavirus patients and people affected by the epidemic lockdown in Rampur for last 3 weeks.

They have a community kitchen where they prepare food for almost 800-1000 people and distribute it to people at their homes during the lockdown, they have also distributed hand sanitizers, soaps and mask to many people in Rampur.

Riya’s Brother Sanket Arora is also preparing for charted accountant exams in Delhi.

Inventiva team wishes all the best to Riya Arora and salute her entire family for giving such high values and moral ethics to their kids. We also wish all the best to Riya and hope she fulfills all her dreams.

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