Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in the UK


A new startup almost launches every week in the UK with Artificial Intelligence as its propelling force. The UK has one of the strongest artificial intelligence startup ecosystems in the word. We don’t know whether AI will prove to be the serpent and enslave the entire human race or entirely revolutionize the world. Either way, Brits have always had a reputation of a little competitive to an extent of conquering more than half of the world (Okay! My bad!).

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The point here is that in the last two years, Britons have managed to create a formidable startup ecosystem backed by AI and according to the recent reports, the UK government has a whopping budget of £270m to invest in startups based on disruptive technologies such as AI and robotics.

Here are top 10 artificial intelligence startups of which you must need to know:


Lobster, founded in April 2013. applies smart AI tagging and machine learning algorithms to find the most relevant, aesthetic content around the world. In other words, this startup allows companies to download original content from social media without worrying about copyright.

Vivacity Labs

Vivacity digitizes traffic management through intelligent cameras. Vivacity is empowering transport managers to take the next step in reducing congestion and improving safety on the roads, through providing unprecedented insight. Vivacity wants to make those transport managers omniscient.

To achieve this, Vivacity is installing thousands of sensors across the UK, including creating the UK’s first transport-focused smart city in Milton Keynes, as the first step in this journey to revolutionize the way data is collected.

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LoopMe specializes in artificial intelligence-driven brand advertising.LoopMe is the largest mobile-first video advertising platform, uniquely using mobile data and AI to measurably improve results and outcomes for marketers, and the brand experience for customers. believes in a culmination of AI and mathematical principles to make AI really useful, effective and efficient in decision making. Hence, this startup has combined three different branches of mathematics to create the world’s first AI platform for general purpose decision-making. Prowler primarily focuses on startup focusing on behavioral learning and simulation in virtual environments.

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Sparrho is a personalized science research discovery platform allowing users to discover, curate and share over 60m research articles. With 60 million+ papers and patents from 45k+ journals and preprint servers, Sparro’s content is enhanced by world-class researchers from 1,500+ universities in 150+ countries. Sparrho is democratizing scientific knowledge, making it more accessible, searchable and shareable. Sparrho was founded in 2013 out of frustration with existing literature search tools by two Oxbridge scientists, and now has an amazing team based in London, UK.

Mind Trace

This startup uses technology that turns a simple webcam into a mind reader. Using the newest advances in machine learning and computer vision, it tracks eye movements, facial expressions and heart rate of a test audience watching your ads. Their reports provide clients with insights into what people really think about their content.


This startup’s aim is to automate all traditional coding tasks: bug fixing, test writing, finding and fixing exploits, refactoring code, translating from one language to another, and creating original code to fit specification through AI.

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Diffblue was founded in the Oxford University Computer Science Department by Daniel Kroening. Daniel has brought together a team that includes some of the world’s leading experts in computer verification and machine learning.


Cleo is the AI that intelligently manages your money. They are building the interface that simplifies finance for a generation. Born in early 2016 at Entrepreneur First, Europe’s leading accelerator for technical talent, Cleo recently launched in the US and now serves 200,000 people across the UK and America.


Echobox is building AI for the publishing industry, and claims to have developed “the world’s first artificial intelligence that understands the meaning of the content.” Founder Antoine Amann is a Cambridge graduate who worked in publishing with the Financial Times and developed Echobox while at Entrepreneur First in 2013.


Cortexica is a London based, a global service provider of practical AI solutions for businesses. Providing clarity and insight from within the noise around AI, Cortexica delivers world-leading Computer Vision image recognition and search technologies supported by the industry-specific consultancy.

The ability to partner with clients to create AI solutions for their specific needs, from innovation to delivery, ensures maximum benefit and return on investment.

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