Ban on Gutkha and Pan Masala in Delhi! Read to know the reason behind the extension of the ban amid Covid-19

Ban on Gutkha and Pan Masala in Delhi! Read to know the reason behind the extension of the ban amid Covid-19

The Kejriwal-led government has continued the ban on the sale, storage, manufacture, and distribution of tobacco and pan masala for one more year.The ban extended in NCT Delhi on tobacco!

tobacco gutka ban: ban on gutka and tobacco products in west bengal after bihar uttarakhand and rajasthan - बिहार (bihar) और राजस्‍थान (rajasthan) के बाद अब इस राज्‍य में गुटखा, तंबाकू और

D N Singh, Food Safety Commissioner, announced the ban on tobacco and pan masala.

“Commissioner of Food Safety Delhi has declared the ban in the interest of public health for a period of one year in NCT the sale, storage, distribution, or manufacture of tobacco that is either flavored, scented or mixed with any of the products as mentioned above, and whether selling by the name or form of gutkha, pan masala, flavored/scented tobacco, kharra…” the announcement stated.

The Delhi government’s Food Safety Department has been issuing tobacco and gutkha ban for the past four years.

No ban on Cigarettes and Alcohol!

In the lockdown, when beer and alcohol shops reopened India, witnessed massive ques outside the liquor shops. The alcohol was sold more than the usual price. The government charged huge taxes on the liquor sales, but there was no decline in the sales, The sale of alcohol was seen as a boost amid the lockdown and people were behaving like they are the only supermans left in India who can save the declining economy. The alcohol has less chance to spread the COVID-19 virus that saved it from facing a ban. Also, there is no ban yet made on cigarettes as it also has less chance to cause widespread of the pandemic COVID-19 in the National capital of Territory.

gutka ban: latest news & videos, photos about gutka ban | the economic times - page 1

Also, amid lockdown, there was huge charges and taxes taken on the sale of cigarettes as well. But still, people chose toxications over precautionary measures against COVID-19. People can live without food but can’t leave their addictions of cigarettes and alcohol. In this crucial time, when people are becoming jobless and facing salary cuts, they should focus more on living on essential items and save money for the uncertainty in the near future.

The ban has a connection with the COVID-19 virus

People spit here and there, after chewing Gutkha and pan masala. There are fines implemented on spiting tobacco but didn’t entirely work in order to stop the misbehave. In this crucial time, it is dangerous to spit the pan masala on the roadside as it can cause the spread of the COVID-19. Therefore, it was necessary to ban tobacco sales, manufacture, storage, and distribution across the national capital territory of Delhi.

gutkha is banned but nobody seems to know that in the indian capital - youtube

The announcement comes as the national capital on Thursday recorded 1,652 new COVID-19 cases. With the number of active cases declining regularly, the recovery rate reached over 82 percent.

Approximately 41 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Thursday that took the death toll to 3,487. The total COVID-19 cases reached the national capital Delhi stands at 1,16,993.

The total COVID-19 cases in India!

The number of COVID-19 recoveries stands at 5,92,031 and there are 3,19,840 active cases of the pandemic COVID-19 virus presently in the country. The reports came as India’s COVID-19 tally climbed to 9.68 lakh, and the death count rose to 24,915.

doctors urge cm to implement gutkha-paan masala ban better in state

The Union Health Ministry also stated that less than two percent of COVID-19 patients in the country are admitted to the ICUs. A collective total of 1,27,39,490 samples have been tested for the pandemic virus up to July 15. A total of 3,26,826 samples were tested on Wednesday, according to the records. According to the Union Health Ministry data, India witnessed a record single-day jump of 32,695 COVID-19 cases driving the tally to 9,68,876 on Thursday, and this is the first time that COVID-19 cases crossed the 30,000-mark.

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