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Purpose of Rafale is to Hit Pakistani Aircraft Inside Its Territory: Former IAF Chief BS Dhanoa

Retired Former Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa emphasized, that the Rafale aircraft will give India a strategic advantage in case of any aerial battle, saying that the intention of the recently arrived fighter jets Rafale is to hit Pakistani aircraft inside its air space and not when they come inside our territory.

In an interview with PTI, Retired Former Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa told the Rafale aircraft, and S-400 missile systems would give the Indian Air Force (IAF) a significant battle edge in the whole region. India’s enemies will think twice before commencing a war with it.

Yes, we still remember how the Pakistani aircraft entered our air space at Balakot airstrike.

Balakot 630 630

“The mission of the S-400 missile system and Rafale can enable Pakistani aircraft inside Pakistani air space territory and not when they forcefully enter inside Indian air space territory.” He said. “Pakistan would not have responded on February 27 last year to the Balakot air strikes if India attacked them with the French-manufactured Rafale jets.” 

The Indian Air Force has received a massive boost to its capabilities with the welcome of the first batch of French-made Rafale aircraft at Ambala Air Force Base. The five aircraft made the 7,000-km route from France to India before reaching the Indian Air Force’s airbase in Ambala. 

The significant advantage in Tibet

Discussing the continuing deadlock with China in eastern Ladakh, the former IAF chief stated that Rafales would play a crucial role in Tibet. It will be able to use the Tibetan region to its advantage, destroy the enemy’s air defense, and damage the surface-to-air missiles.

“There are big Himalayan mountains in between the borders of both India and China that create a serious line of sight conflicts. The Indian Air Force can install a missile with a range of 300-400 kilometers on the ground in Tibet or India that will only work within the line of sight or the actual line of control”.

“The recently arrived Rafale has some fantastic Electronic Warfare (EW) suite (SPECTRA) and fantastic weapons that are proficient in protecting themselves electronically besides being able to use the region for their benefit,” the former IAF chief continued with the features of Rafale.

Chinese media on Rafale:


The global times drafted an enormous article after the arrival of Rafale. They stated that Rafale is a good and excellent aircraft that can undoubtedly combat the opponent’s missiles and aircraft, but we have better aircrafts then India.

After the tensions at the Galwan valley, the Chinese media is continuously trying to say insensitive things about India and trying to save their part. The global times didn’t report on the number of soldiers who lost their lives in the Galwan valley conflict.

The former IAF chief remembered the Balakot airstrike.

Retired Former Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa focused on the incidents that happened at the Balakot airstrike. He focused that this won’t happen again, and the Pakistani air force won’t be able to trap any brave soldier like Abhinandan.

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