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What’s the Hike? Go Air will Charge Additional for Seat Allotment

The outbreak of novel Coronavirus has crippled the world economy, hospitality and aviation being the worst-hit sectors. Therefore, to compensate for the incurred losses some of the airlines have come up with a price hike and other measures. If you are thinking of traveling by Go Air, then you must read this news once. Now, even after booking the ticket, you will have to pay for the seat. It will be from Rs 49 to Rs 1,999. If you do not pay, the web will not be checked in. If the web is not checked in, then you will not be able to travel.

49 rupees will have to be paid for the rear seat

In this case, a customer Arvind Singh said that he had booked a ticket for Go Air from Mumbai to Varanasi on July 30. Whatever money was stated at the time of booking was paid. Booking confirmed. On Tuesday, when they went to web check-in, they were asked to select the seat on the airline’s website. When the seat was selected, Go Air demanded Rs 49.

249 rupees for rear side and window seat

The passenger told that at first, he thought that there would be a window seat or emergency door or a front seat, so money is being sought. But when the passenger selected any other seat, the same money was also asked for him. Not only this, 250 rupees for the window seat, but 1999 rupees for the front seat was also demanded. This passenger stated that the company did not give any information and made the 30 July flight to 31 July. This passenger came to know when he went to web check-in.

Actually, till now it used to be that if you demand a special seat like a window, or front or more space, then you have to pay extra money for this.

Web check-in required in Corona

The passenger said that this rule of paying money for all seats is visible for the first time. You cannot do a web check-in until you pay money. Due to COVID-19, the government has imposed a rule that you will not be allowed inside the airport until you check the web. Therefore, web check-in is a must for all travelers.

About this matter, Go Air said that this is the rule from now onwards and has already been implemented. Go Air did not answer why it has been implemented. In this case, however, SpiceJet said it had no such information and charged only for special seats.

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